Is Italy safe for Foreigners?

Vacation in Venice!

Such a lovely place and people. You can get on the plane, but we took to the bikes. Pedal bikes. Cycling from Hanover in Germany via the Schwartz-wald, Austria (The Brenner Pass) and into the heart of Venice. Ah!! Memories, the wine, the sights, the locals and the nightlife. Skinny dipping at night, Our first encounter in Punta Sabbioni

Harry, The star of our party told the boss of the restaurant we went to: “Fabio!  Fantastic. We come every night. But you keep the wine in the fridge for us, Yes?” “You keep our place by the beach so we can see the pretty ladies, Yes?” Fabio agreed and we spent 2 weeks in heaven.  What a time. Strongly recommended.

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