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Its not immigration It's Invasion

YOU! Need to Know How Your Government is Looking After Your Country

September 9, 2020

Read this introduction. SORRY! There is a lot here. BUT! You need to read it. Maybe even with your family because it is very very important that you know.  It is more than likely this site will be taken down, because they dont want you to know. It’s too shameful for them because they get […]

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To What Extent is Immigration Safe?

September 9, 2020

50% of Muslims throughout the world applaud the actions of their fellow Muslims on 9/11, and presumably other murderous acts against Westerners, while the other 50% actively condemn them.  Yes, 50% is only half, not a majority, but it nonetheless represents 800 million Muslims worldwide.  If we assume that 50% of them are male, and […]

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face masks

Covid 19. Forward Planning, Recommendations, and Suggestions.

April 14, 2020

People are soon going to be screaming to end lockdown, they want to: rescue work, get back to their quality of life, stop stress and arguments because of lack of space, and they are not all so stupid as to not look after themselves. Just some!!    However:- Passing the ‘peak’ of deaths in a lockdown […]

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Covid 19 problems

Are we all Stupid?

April 8, 2020

Where in the world can we see so much disorganisation about Covid 19? We have the EU, not giving help to it’s countries. We have the ‘WHO’, bias to China who has and is hiding facts. We have the US, redirecting equipment and stopping previous orders to other countries. We have, third world countries saying […]

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covid crime

Crime Rises During Covid 19 – Help Your Police

March 31, 2020

Covid 19 has a side effect.      It’s the rise in crime!!! Safeguard your property and help others to safeguard there’s. Here’s a few things you can do to help your town, friends and neighbors. Whatever the crime, you can help by reporting what you see, hear, or have evidence on. Your police will treat […]

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Covid 19

Statue of Liberty Tests Positive ?

March 27, 2020

Can we believe in what we read? or, can we read between the lines and understand what is happening? A few things for the near and distant future are facts. 1. Covid 19 is more than likely ‘here to stay’. Whether we find a cure or not. 2. It could change to be a seasonal […]

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How to stop covid 19

What are you doing to save the spread of Covid 19?

March 15, 2020

Covid-19 says “thank you to ignorance”. It has a resistance to gunshots, explosions, curses, kickings and generally bad things.  However, it hates soap, alcohol, anti bacterial sprays, face masks, disposable gloves and space that it cannot jump through. Love your family and friends? Read……. Wash your hands often. Wear a mask if close to people. […]

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Storm Surge Phafone

Are You Prepared? Will You and Yours be OK?

December 29, 2019

This was Ursula. Philippines / Visayas. Are you ready. Were you prepared after the knowledge of Yolanda / Ursula? Did your family suffer because you did nothing? or did you have a great Christmas during Phanfone (Movie Above)? What does it take to get you to prepare? was Phanfone. Philippines / Visayas. Phanfone continued to […]

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What Does the Queen’s Face Reflect?

December 25, 2019

Well! She is a wonderful woman. Few have disagreement with that. She has set standards beyond the capability of most leaders and pathed the way for democracy, trust, loyalty, honesty, pageantry and even produced a country/world some may say, beyond the comprehension and wonder of most. She leaves little undone…. from business, caring about her […]

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Is the Philippines safe?

British Citizen and his Filipino Wife Kidnapped in Southern Philippines

December 3, 2019

A brief recent history. Friday 4 October 2019. Authorities in the southern Philippines were searching for a British citizen and his Filipino wife after a group of gunmen abducted them from a beach town in Zamboanga del Sur province on Friday evening, the military said. The victims were identified as businessman Allan Arthur Hyrons, and […]

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Almira Absin Johnson Celta

The Damning Proofs of Philippine Law! – The Philippines is NOT safe. W13

September 30, 2019

Fred said…. “I tried for 13 years and I learned that the ‘upfront court appearance’ is a complete scam. I have never seen such a democratic system run in such an undemocratic way, on ambiguity, stifling the truth and personal hate against foreigners. So many people filled with self righteousness and power and an absolute […]

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Climate Change. Will Politicians, the Rich, or the People Change our Habits?

September 23, 2019

Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg has made a passionate speech to world leaders at the UN, accusing them of failing to act on climate change. “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” she told a UN climate summit in New York. About 60 world leaders are taking part in the […]

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Is it safe in the Philippines?

Hong Kong is not China, but is the Philippines?

August 21, 2019

Some people’s view of the new Philippines: The Global people fight back. France:- Yellow vests riots and protests. Venezuela:- Socialist revolution. Guatemala:- Women protests. Vietnam:- protests against China. Thailand:- protests against China. Hong Kong:- Riots against Chinese government / Communism. UN:- protests against Chinese tactics – trade, land grabs etc Philippines:-  ZZzzzzzzz Is it safe […]

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Rex Absin

PERJURY CHARGES TO FOLLOW? Court Racism/Bias/Incompetence/Lies? W11

August 16, 2019

We have a few more questions from case history workers and a deluge of questions from the general public. Were these 2 both involved? It is wrong to speculate, however it looks very much like Hesiquinto Absin, Ms Almira Absin / Johnson will now face perjury charges. Who is guilty? Almira or the Judge? Question […]

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