Its not immigration It's Invasion

YOU! Need to Know How Your Government is Looking After Your Country

September 9, 2020

Read this introduction. SORRY! There is a lot here. BUT! You need to read it. Maybe even with your family because it is very very important that you know.  It is more than likely this site will be taken down, because they dont want you to know. It’s too shameful for them because they get […]

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To What Extent is Immigration Safe?

September 9, 2020

50% of Muslims throughout the world applaud the actions of their fellow Muslims on 9/11, and presumably other murderous acts against Westerners, while the other 50% actively condemn them.  Yes, 50% is only half, not a majority, but it nonetheless represents 800 million Muslims worldwide.  If we assume that 50% of them are male, and […]

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genug ist genug


September 6, 2020

Immigration isn’t working.  It isn’t controlled, rules are not being followed, religious beliefs are not, and cannot mix, standards are being dropped to those of pigs and people across Europe have said. (ENOUGH is ENOUGH) – (GENUG ist GENUG) – (TROP c’est TROP) We need You! and You need us!  Simply enter into the box […]

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Winning Brexit

Building Together by Being Open, Honest, Truthful and Forthright.

September 27, 2019

Without honesty, a leader can’t lead with integrity. Moral leadership is very strategic because it determines the success or failure in achieving goals. Honesty is the most essential characteristic of a leader and the most easily seen. Honesty is the basis of every action as a result of the policy It is perhaps the most […]

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Chinese re-education centers for Muslims

China urged to end mass Xinjiang detentions by countries at UN meeting

July 10, 2019

More than 20 countries at the UN Human Rights Council have signed a joint letter criticizing China’s treatment of Muslims in the Xinjiang region. UN experts and rights groups say China is holding about one million Uighurs and other Muslims in detention camps. China claims that Uighurs are being educated in “vocational training centres” […]

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CCChinese enforcement camps

Expansion and Control by China!!!

July 4, 2019

China is deliberately separating Muslim children from their families, faith and language in its far western region of Xinjiang, according to new research. At the same time as hundreds of thousands of adults are being detained in giant camps, a rapid, large-scale campaign to build boarding schools is under way. Based on publicly available […]

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Racism in China

Faith in ruins: China’s vanishing beards and mosques. Another ‘soon’ for the Philippines?

June 22, 2019

New evidence of the increasing control and suppression of Islam in China’s far western region of Xinjiang – including the widespread destruction of mosques. Authorities provided rare access to religious sites and senior Islamic officials to support their claim that their policies only target violent religious extremism. The Prof has traveled and taught for […]

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China hidden camps-Philippines next?

Inside China’s ‘thought transformation’ camps. Is The Philippines Next?

June 21, 2019

The Chinese region of Xinjiang is home to millions of ethnic Muslim Uighur’s who have lived there for decades. Rights groups say hundreds of thousands have been detained in camps without trial, but China argues they voluntarily attend centers which combat “extremism”. I’d been to the camps before, but the closest I’d managed to […]

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Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong protests: Leader Carrie Lam defiant on extradition plan

June 10, 2019

The march was seen as a major rebuke of Ms Lam, who has pushed for the amendments to be passed before July. Critics of the bill say it will expose Hong Kong residents to China’s deeply flawed justice system, and lead to further erosion of judicial independence. Supporters say safeguards are in place […]

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