Big Tech – or Big Trouble? Is Bigger Better? We Think Not!

Jack Dorsey of Twitter

The ‘firing line’, when it comes to big tech companies with their views on what people should do, and not on what they do is very thin. They all have many things in common, not at least that they say one thing but do not emulate the same in their own personal lives. The problem facing all people and governments is of course controlling their power. It ‘boggles’ the mind to think Govt’s are now not powerful enough to control their actions, size, and of course standards. Or at least that is the impression given. With the outrageous decision to start chopping people from their services, at there own individual will, leaves an aweful lot of questions to be answered.

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was on vacation in French Polynesia as the company debated about how to handle President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, according to The New York Times
  • On Friday evening, Twitter announced that it was permanently banning Trump’s account. 
  • Dorsey has traveled often throughout the pandemic. In August, he was spotted in the Hamptons with Jay-Z, and in November he was photographed in Hawaii with the music mogul and actor Sean Penn. 
  • Of course Mark Zuckerberg (FaceBook) is not new to the lawcourts for breaking the law and
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon) is the guy that hates paying tax. Or so they say.
  • These are just three that hit the news in Trump’s dismissal from Twitter. But, don’t think they were the only ones!!!
Jack Dorsey of Twitter
Jeff Bezos

The ‘Get rid of Trump Syndrome’ spread from as far as Youtube to the whole spectrum of the big Tech. Many companies deleting positive Trump agenda and keeping negative democratic slander. The hate oozing from them as they worried more about losing money under his presidency, than the safety of a ‘do nothing’ democratic party.

“The surprise factor of going to Twitter — which was, of course, the president — is gone,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday. “I do believe Twitter’s got to come up with a new thesis very, very quickly…. The ‘Real Donald Trump’ was a great sales person for Twitter.”

It would be impossible to list all companies here, and even if we only looked at computers/laptops the field is very complicated. For a start, parts of PCs are generally produced in China. Of note,  China produces many PC’s itself, so does India, whereas the States generally prefers to get the bulk of the work done in China or India and call the product American.  (A good example of this is Dell who’s main office is in California.) A rough list of who makes specific PCs can be seen here. The important thing is their operation; Is it legal, inspected, controlled, and of course what is the end product worth to the customer? We will follow ‘Dell’ as an example of  customer service you get now!

The answer is of course ‘SHAMEFUL’.  The changeover from small companies to large companies brought about a decrease in customer service and indeed an attitude of not caring for standards, customer satisfaction in anyway. Even the telephone isn’t answered and is replaced with; the answer machine, a never ending list of ‘what to do’s, and of course ‘your friendly bot’.  (Who will offer you a stream of common phrases, none of which are of any use to you).

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Top 10 Most Popular Laptop Brands in India
  • Lenovo (IdeaPad 320) Lenovo is a Chinese technology company, into the business of smartphones, smart televisions, workstations and laptops. …
  • HP (Spectre x360) …
  • Dell (XPS 15) …
  • Apple (MacBook Pro) …
  • Acer (Aspire E) …
  • Asus (ZenBook Pro) …
  • Huawei (matebook x pro) …
  • Toshiba.
American Made Computers
  • Apple MacPro. …
  • Digital Storm. …
  • Equus Computer Systems. …
  • Falcon Northwest. …
  • Lenovo. …
  • Velocity Micro.
Dell???? Not listed because of the way it operates.

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