Is it Trump, Pelosi, Boris and the Sheep? Or is it that Politicians Hate Each Other, More than the Politics?

Tribal Politics

So first:- what do you think about Covid 19? Have a look at this to help you. While you look at it, think about your cancelled hospital treatment and your loved ones without a hospital to go to when ill.

Christopher John MacRae Whitty CB FRCP FFPH FMedSci (born 21 April 1966) is a British physician and epidemiologist who serves as the Chief Medical Officer for England (CMO), Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government, Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) to the Department of Health and Social Care, Head of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Gresham Professor of Physic.[1][2]

SO! Were you told a Lie?

Next of course we have President Trump! Did he Lie? Did he lead a charge on the Whitehouse? Is he a facist or does he love and work for the people?

So President Trump is accused of insurrection! Do you think that’s a feasable action for the history of this president? Certainly he was hated by the democratic party so much that they tried everything they could to get rid of him. It certainly looks like they’re doing it again. We actually heard “Peacefully and Patriotically”. That’s what we heard!!! Is someone deaf?

A little bird told us that this is why  Kamala Harris was a democratic pick. We were told they ‘brushed over’ her history of er… shall we say ‘problems’. In any case is this the best America can do for a political leader? Democrats don’t worry about Joe so much, because they really don’t think he will ‘last the course’. In any case, is Joe up to the pressure and workload that a successful president needs to input?

Dems Vengeance?
What really happened on January 6th 2021

High tech companies have taken it into their own hands to control people for some time. But the sheep have only just woken up to this because of Trump, Parler and a whole host of Trump supporters they ‘kicked’ off-line. (Mmmm What did Kamala say?)

Gone are the days of customer service with a smile. Replaced by their ‘bots’ who don’t just save paying wages, but stop the stream of unsatisfied customers complaining about the rubbish they are presented with. See Dell next issue!

Rudy’s common sense. A tremendous, truthful insight into facts as they are. (This is a rescued video. As you can see from above, it was taken off from Youtube servers because they didn’t like it. Only to be returned later. Maybe after thinking twice about the issue?)

Of course the ‘upper class Brit’s would never stoop so low as accusing somebody until proven guilty. Would they, Rachel? Mmmm Prime Minister’s sister? Is this a taste of British Justice to come? Is that a taste of running ‘bills’ through parliament within 24 hours without proper scrutiny? Maybe the Prime Minister needs to remember he’s using borrowed votes and those borrowed votes are not very happy with the lingering challenges of ‘re-moaners’ and promises un-filled. (Ouch!)

Remember this? Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts lamented in his yearly judicial message that civics education has “fallen by the wayside” and worried that Americans have come to “take democracy for granted.” Roberts will preside over a Senate trial of Trump, though lawmakers are already lining up for or against the president along party lines before any evidence has been presented or witnesses heard.

“We have this uptick in partisan polarization,” but the difference now is that the divide is driven more by hatred of the other side, rather than devotion to one’s own, says Robert Jones, CEO and founder of the non-partisan group PRRI, which studies the intersection of culture, religion and public policy. “It’s less that we love our own party and more that we hate the other one.”

Huge money to hate the opposition.

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