The American Divide. Who’s Lying?

The Whitehouse

Matt :-       Joe Biden 2020. The definitive compilation. I can mix up words & numbers as much as the next guy but no mentally fit person REPEATEDLY forgets that they are running for President of the United States. Yikes!

Raymond From SF summed up his thoughts.
“This woman was the worst and most corrupt prosecutor we ever had. She falsified and suppressed evidence over and over again to keep a winning record. Checkout how she prosecuted minorities, African Americans and the poor communities of SF. The evidence is there all you have to do is look back at her history as a prosecutor in SF.”

House Democrats are battling over their beliefs. A substantial policy divide has opened up between moderates, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and progressives–and it has recently grown personal. On the outs with Pelosi, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashida.

On the campaign trail this year, most Democratic candidates really wanted to talk about Donald Trump. The person they really didn’t want to talk about was one of their own leaders — Nancy Pelosi.

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Watch Donald Trump’s funniest moments for the 2020 race for the Presidency as voters go the polls.

Most certainly American politics has never been followed so much. Never has so much been done and never has so much been achieved before. And yet the country has a great divide:

Those that hate Trump’s brash manner and forward, outspoken ways have little thought or praise for what he has achieved.

Versus those that love him so much they would die for him because of his manner and achievements.

Its certainly a strange world and no doubt 2021 and on will show the history and outcome of a Harris Presidency ?? Thats right. The lady is really the choice because of race and a wish to see a first lady president. We feel Joe won’t be around too much because of health. Lets see if we’re right.

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