The Great Divide! Is Boris Lying to the People?

Is the British Government Honest?

There can be little doubt that the short tubby guy with the mass of unkempt blonde hair is not new to the art of lying. However, as they say: There are lies, white lies, damned lies,  and bloody big whoppers! Take a pick on who you believe! BoJo? or Lord Sumption? You’d be right to say BoJo is a bit of an ass. But that’s not an ass-sumption, for sure.

SNP’s Ian Blackford has his own definite opinion, but there again. “Is it Ian Blackford telling the lies?” The truth is however even more disturbing. That is, that there are many not just in UK Parliament, but in nearly all Governments, where the way forward seems to be by telling lies.

It is written into British law that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.  So does the Covid-19 deserve an urgent, separate set of laws based on self opinion? Because that’s what happened!

Former Supreme Court Judge Lord Jonathan Sumption has criticised the government’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic, at that time, saying it has employed fear as a means to justify its actions. However, maybe it wasn’t based on ‘fear tactics’, but a guess of how he could keep the ‘popular vote’! In either case, BoJo definitely lost.

Again we can look at other facts. Nigel Farage isn’t short in coming through with his pennyworth, but to be fair he certainly does his research. The difference with Farage is that if you have to spend months in the rain, snow and sail the seven seas to prove a point. Then he does just that.

One quoted, “Very suspicious- this coming 3 years after it happened and just before the leadership battle. Plus the investigation into Brexit party funding. Sounds like something you would expect in the USSR or African dictators seeking re-election”. No doubt many may not laugh as much as rather ponder on it’s truth.

There seems little left to add other than ‘The Prof’s crystal ball’.

That is to inform you that if ‘illegal Immigrants, legal law breaking immigrants, and assylum seekers breaking the law dont go’…….Boris will !!! and Farage is just waiting to lead the ship…

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