Happy New Year 2021. Lets pray its better than 2020.

Iran War

Our Wishes for YOU!

No matter where you live, where you stay, what your color, creed, religion, political views or wishes are…. We truly wish you a wonderful happy life for 2021. God knows 2020 wasnt the best. Let us hope that war’s diminish, bad feelings make compromise, and us humans realise that fun is better then war, arguments, bad feelings and resentment.  We care about you, and our fragile world of humans. Lets make good, and not bad.

Family forever


People must not forget their word is the only word. The result of politics isn’t always what the people want. Speak up! State your views. Fight for the correct anti climate change actions, the best solutions to inter country misunderstandings and hate. The best solutions to everyday living and living with your cultural neighbors. Work at it, and dont let dictators rule your lives.

US vs Iran

The Lies of Law

We are now in the years where the law is not doing its work.  Truth is overruled by the wishes of either the judges or the jury. The cry has become “The Law is Not above the Truth”! Instead of the cry which was, “Nobody is above the Law”. Report false actions to the Law Society. 

Unjust Law

Climate change

The rich versus the poor? Business versus the employees? We can simply say “Its about time we analyzed what scientists say. Check on the facts of what they say, and take an action on the facts required”. We need global world climate change meetings, where the whole world can make decisions and compromises for individual nations and achieve something for our planet.

Climate Change Lies

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