Crime Rises During Covid 19 – Help Your Police

covid crime

Covid 19 has a side effect.      It’s the rise in crime!!!

Safeguard your property and help others to safeguard there’s. Here’s a few things you can do to help your town, friends and neighbors.

Whatever the crime, you can help by reporting what you see, hear, or have evidence on. Your police will treat it confidentially.

Theft!  Robbery!  Murder!  Assault!  Child Abuse!  Domestic Abuse!  Kidnapping!


God gave you ears, eyes, a nose, mouth and of course common sense.

Technology gave you (maybe) a PC with cam, a phone with a cam, a camera, tape recorder etc.

You can even watch your business on cam.

car theft

Whatever your hear, see, smell, record, video, tape,  (that’s questionable) will help.

Nobody would ask you to snoop, but you can help to make this world a better place during this difficult time for all. When you’re not using your cam… SWITCH IT ON! (The shop, carpark, street etc wherever you can.)

seagull theft

Dont let them get away with it.


covid 19 crime rise

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