Covid 19. Forward Planning, Recommendations, and Suggestions.

face masks
face masks

People are soon going to be screaming to end lockdown, they want to: rescue work, get back to their quality of life, stop stress and arguments because of lack of space, and they are not all so stupid as to not look after themselves. Just some!!    However:-

Passing the ‘peak’ of deaths in a lockdown DOES NOT stop the virus. It can only be stopped by a vaccine. Passing the peak gives a chance for hospitals to deal with the amount of cases. When the lockdown ends, the deaths will increase, UNLESS, we change our lifestyle to lower the risks, until we have a vaccine.

These notes are not meant to be extensive, nor are they meant to be scare mongering. They are meant to help those that don’t know, and those who are doing it wrong.

Are lockdowns doing more damage than the health regulations could be? Like:  The answer to working, adverse effect of people getting sick at home, lack of hospital treatment due to emphasis on CovESE 19, quality of life, medical challenges for the aged, domestic challenges, the list goes on.

What do we know about Covid-19 to date?

1. Despite what some say it can be transmitted from airborne particles. (Mist)

2) It can be transmitted from droplets which can lie on a whole spectrum of surfaces.

3) It can be transmitted from person to person. (Inhaling breath, etc)

Covid 19 lifespan
covid 19 and animals

4) Transmission from animals cannot be ruled out. We know animals can contact it from humans. It would be naive at this stage to think this cannot be the same the other way around.

5) We do know controlling the media and people in general is problematic due to varying points of view/social beliefs/education.

6. We know from varying places around the world that: beating people, welding them in their home, locking them up, laying down unreasonable answers will not work.

7. We know the UK’s aproach of working together had a better response, backed with fines for non-compliance. Very easy, if people break the law they pay a fine and/or do community service.

covid 19 spread

What don’t we know about Covid-19 to date?

1) We don’t know how long it remains dormant in specific people/areas and we don’t know what ‘triggers’ the virus into rebirth.

2) We don’t know the easiest passage of transmission for this virus for sure. We only know it is fast, and certainly social distancing is one of the key points in this.

3) We don’t know how many asymptomatic bodies/animals & conditions are spreading this virus.

4) We don’t know how to control Covid-19 fully and we don’t know for sure if we are doing everything we can do.

covid 19 and drink

5) We don’t even know if this disease can be passed on from places contaminated prior. Like aeroplanes, ships, trains, taxis, pedicabs, seats, tables, food, etc that have not had enhanced cleaning. The list regretfully is endless.

Overiding factors. This problem is not going away for at least 2 years!

1. We have to get back to work. Locally/internationally.

2. We have to open up essential cargo routes. Locally/internationally.

3. We have to re-open essential public transport systems. Locally/internationally.

4. We have to examine social behavior and try to stop the virus spreading. (Until we know people are safe.) Locally/internationally.

5. We have to streamline/overhaul business operations to combat spreading of viruses?

6. We have to set up procedure and requirements for any further such as catastrophy. Whether it be virus, bacteria or war.

7. China has to pay for all the worldly challenges caused by CovESE 19, cost in lives and worth.


1. Some business are more able to conform to social distancing than others. Like:- Working from home, living on premises, mode of dress, etc. People just queueing up in supermarkets, etc is a shambles.

2. Transport will require separate rulings ie: To and from work, delivery etc,

3. Many people believe: tags, immune cards, certificates, are just another way of segregating the rich from the poor. Area shopping colors/codes seem to work OK.

4. Not everybody will be able to afford a vaccine when it is available.

5. The virus must to be truly beaten globally.


Re-payment from China could be:

  1. Percentage tarrif increases paid direct to governments from imports and exports.
  2. Forcing out import of products that can be self produced.
  3. Controlling/stopping: land/business purchases in other countries, voiding loan debt to specific countries, supporting countries bullied by CCParty actions.


1. Dress for the future.

    a) Masks work. Thats why doctors and nurses have used them for years, when coming closer than 2 mtrs to anyone, or, being in an infected area. Visors are only good for protecting eye infection at closer ranges. They do not protect against breath droplets.

    b) Dress can prevent contact spreading. It’s just sensible to cover up if your going near others. Gloves are great if you touch anything:- bannister rails, work surfaces, money, PC keyboards, etc, as long as when you’re back home either spray and wash or throw away.

2. Going back to work locally.

    It’s better if guided by the business owner. He/she will know better how to design with new requirements like:- Working from home, ordering online with delivery service, maintaining 2 mtr spacing between people in a business with a total maximum of 10 (includes Management & Admin) people, wearing protective clothing, living on premises, ordering and serving goods by/at external counter. Business managers can make their plan and get it passed by local authority. On inspection that the plan will work they will get a certificate to open/carry on works.

    Small shops could open first which would help the economy / people, and keep risk low. Certainly food shops / chains / groceries etc can be delivered. (Delivary drivers etc will undergo regular CovESE19 checks). (The challenge being, if we don’t act quickly, they won’t have money. (Even if they have it now). Major shopping malls, etc should operate by delivery only, or, ticket numbers / colour code. Queues have proved to be disasterous.

3. Going back to work internationally.

    (See transport suggestions) International locations job requirements to include: business requirements covering rules, dress / office rules / meeting places / xxxxxx There should be tight controls on cross water/air space areas, and people should not travel until countries are cleared and clean for inter travel. This should be done at international level, but one has doubts on WHO.

  International workings via internet, telephone, mail services etc.

4. Transport. (Whether its a bike or an aeroplane).

    Once again the best people to make arrangements are the operating companies. They would include things like dress, masks, 1 person per vehicle unless in same houseold, schedule, etc. before being awarded with a certificate to work.

5. Social behaviour.

    It has already been shown that people do look after themselves in most cases. (If you’re not on the list of these people then at least consider that you could be passing on to them). They do worry about contact, breathing near somebody and touching things. However, further guidelines and rulings may be necessary. As things are at the time of publishing this, we recommend face masks be warn outside whenever near to other people. If you’re not near to others then drop it down and enjoy the fresh air. Wearing of gloves is a good idea, if you spray/wash hands as usual. Gloves can be sprayed and hands washed before and after taking off. This will safeguard you from the many surfaces that we all touch.

   Dependent on where you are going, thought to clothing maybe an issue. We suggest wearing cover-up clothes when going to places where there are more people. Whereas, if you’re going to more secluded / not so busy areas, then wear the pretty dress or T-shirt.

   Having a shoe wash is great if you can. If not then wash your shoes if you have been to areas where contamination may be a challenge. (Markets, public toilets, the tube/ bus, boat or plane).

6. Immune/card or app systems:

   We personally do not think we should produce social stigma by bringing in immune systems, cards, apps, etc. They separate people in an unsociable manner, are an attack on privacy and produce bad feelings. They will make little or no difference in people’s behaviour.

7. Vaccines.

    Vaccinations should be made available free at all levels. It is not sensible to segregate those that cannot afford it, nor those that don’t want it. It should be a mandatory requirement for the benefit of all. We understand some would disagree with us, but nevertheless, it is what we think.

8. Schools, churches and the like.

Once again heads should be more than capable of looking after the situation. Basic rules should include masks, distancing, regular washing in clean unused water, not touching statues, regular washing/spraying bannister rails/door knobs, toilets, keyboards, and the like. Thought should be given to using social media if possible.

9. and 10.reserved.

11. China payback.

    We do not believe that causing this devastation through the breaking of laws, lack of cleanliness, providing a breeding ground, bad management of scientific establishments or likewise should go unpunished.

The damage, grief, fright, cost, goes on and on throughout the world and China needs to pay-back. We would like to think China would feel the same.

   a) Covid-19 should be re-named Covese 19 reminding all of us that this was given birth in the filthy markets of Wuhan in China / or scientific establishments nearby. We should add that with regards to markets, Wuhan is not the only Chinese market with these deplorable standards. They are scattered throughout China. (We have first hand, hands-on knowledge of this, hence the statement, though we realise there are reasons to believe it is possible that it wasn’t given birth to in a market).

   b) A fee should be paid back according to each country’s loss. That loss would be managed by human suffering, death, loss, cost, with a detailed listing made up from data available. This fee should be paid back, in the first instance from:

  1.               Any loans, property and / or  business that China may have with specific countries.             
  2.               A Covese 19 product tax. Where all incoming items have a separate tax charge placed upon them before sale is allowed. Further this tax would be placed on all export items payable on arrival of such items once again  into a separate Covese tax account.
  3.                A Covese refund account. Where losses can be replaced by either cash, property, business, or suchlike until bills are paid. Countries would have to produce lists, proofs, accountable records of losses.
  4.               A date for finalising arrangements before re-payments are made should be set and kept too.

11.  Certain establishments should be made open for an inspection by science team to investigate. Like:

           The Wuhan Institute of Virology research institute on virology administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

            Wuhan Institute of Biotechnology 武汉生物技术研究院

            Wuhan [Center for Disease Control

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