What Does the Queen’s Face Reflect?


Well! She is a wonderful woman. Few have disagreement with that. She has set standards beyond the capability of most leaders and pathed the way for democracy, trust, loyalty, honesty, pageantry and even produced a country/world some may say, beyond the comprehension and wonder of most. She leaves little undone…. from business, caring about her subjects, to the Commonwealth of Nations and beyond. So what is next?

The Queen reflects on experiences of the past for action in the future. Watched passionately throughout the country by most, at home and abroad.

We believe a time to reflect on worldly matters as well as matters at home in our families.

So what would be the wishes for the new year for some countries?


More divide between the democratic party and Republicans? Or, will the people be strong enough to say ”enough is enough”? In true Christmas spirit we say “Ba Humbug”. 

Certainly, thought should be given to the balance of power. As we see China and Russia swallowing lands from others, together with the weak and greedy joining their flanks the improvement of NATO becomes more important every day. God bless those nations who hold people equal and fight for a democratic and peaceful future for all. We wish you all, wherever, peace and goodwill.




More prisoners to be indoctrinated into communism? More expansion/takeover of other countries? More weapons on the Philippine Spratly Islands? We note Philippine Muslims starting to get anxious, though there appears little understanding from Filipinos in the vast rural areas as their country continues to be eaten and taken over by ‘big brother’.

Hong Kong expresses it’s opinion of Chinese Communist pressure and maybe the global world could heed this message from people fighting for their freedom and future from within. 


United Kingdom

Brexit didn’t help the UK with a split division between those wanting a much more lucrative market for their business and those passionately trying to keep the country’s sovereignty. Best wishes that 2020 brings a better year when Brexit is completed and the country once again becomes its own entity. If history is anything to go by, the UK seems to manage better under its own rule.


Will the fight against terrorism prevail? or will there be more killings? People in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and surrounding areas now live in fear while the west, France, Britain, etc., try to help. We pray peace will prevail from the greed and hate of some.


Will the persecution of Muslims continue? Or! Will the people’s anti-citizenship law protests spread across more Indian cities. We pray people will understand that Muslims have their own challenges. A split, or divide in some peoples thinking doesn’t help fear and reaction to the many incidents and deaths from around the globe. Never the less, it does not make all Muslims bad people. We wish peace and prosperity for all.

Xmas India

Japan and South Korea

Two wonderful countries trying to improve their relationships doesn’t appear to be easy when government decisions cannot produce answers to the thoughts and minds of all their people. With the additional problems of North Korea, and the concerns of a giant neighbor wanting to swallow Asia, we hope the realization that they need each other, will help to close the divide. God bless you.

Japan & Sth Korea

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