IS THIS UK? Are Politicians Pathing a Way for War

The Left

Let’s look at just 1 very small case (with huge implications). How many more,  around our country? What the hell is happening?

unleashing an idea
What is the project

We will change the name of an English road into an Indian road. BUT! We won’t tell them until we have done it. And! It will have the obvious advantage of  upseting the right.

Hi! As an Indian in your country, I have decided to change the way you educate your children, and I have used my country instead as a street name to save you from embarrassment. 

‘This is just 1 typical example of planting future bad feelings, with absolutely no intervention or thought as to the outcomes or planning. It should not need to be said that in every decision should come many questions first.  Not in the least, what will the British people think? (It is after all their country.) Will they be upset? Will they oppose? Will they protest?

The Ealing Council is preparing to rename Havelock Road – named after Henry Havelock, general in the colonial army involved in suppressing the 1857 Uprising in India – as Guru Nanak Road, as London reviews public spaces following the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.

The Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha is located on Havelock Road in Southall, which has long had a significant presence of people of Indian origin. Its MP, senior Labour leader Virendra Sharma, welcomed the council’s decision.

He said: “I welcome the decision by Ealing Council to finally rename Havelock Road – decolonising our streets. As the Member of Parliament for Ealing Southall and a councillor for 25 years before that I have often been ashamed the names of empire still pervade our streets”.

“I have long campaigned for schools to teach more about our Imperial past, not just the great strides made but also the shameful thuggery and violence, names like Havelock belong in books, classrooms and museums, not on the streets to be celebrated”.

So who are these wonderful councilors that want to change our country? Duhh!!! I wonder why no English there?

Virendra Sharma was born in India in 1947. He speaks fluent Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

Sharma came to Hanwell from India in 1968 and became a bus conductor on the 207 route, later working as a day services manager for people with learning disabilities in Hillingdon. He began his political career by joining the Liberal Party, then switched to Labour. He was race equalities officer to the Labour Party nationally. He was a councillor in the London Borough of Ealing from 1982–2010 and became mayor. He was criticised for his low attendance and stood down as a councillor at the 2010 local elections.

Seventh Labour MP in two years loses confidence vote after revolt by activists. The MP for Ealing Southall lost by 41 votes to 18 in a row over him allegedly not attending his constituency meetings for almost two years.

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