To What Extent is Immigration Safe?


50% of Muslims throughout the world applaud the actions of their fellow Muslims on 9/11, and presumably other murderous acts against Westerners, while the other 50% actively condemn them.  Yes, 50% is only half, not a majority, but it nonetheless represents 800 million Muslims worldwide.  If we assume that 50% of them are male, and about 30% of them are young (between the ages of 15-30), then we are talking about 120 million ready suicide bombers worldwide.  It took only 19 of them to kill 3,000 of us.



According to the 2007 report by the Pew Research Center, 81% of Muslims in the United Kingdom consider themselves Muslim first, British second. (81%)! >>> For four out of every five Muslims in the UK, being Muslim is more important than being British. The comparable figure in the US is 47%, and it’s 46% in France, 66% in Germany, and 69% in Spain.

Wherever Muslim emigrate, there is one single true factor that overtakes fear and peace of any country.  This factor is dreaded by people but ignored by governments. They cannot integrate. They can only live in their own state of mind. That means they will demand Mosques, they will demand Halal, they will demand their own schools, they will demand social security, BUT! They will build enclaves, ghettos, hold their own rallies, protests against the countries’ rules and regulations that they don’t like.

Governments accept these harsh and horrid facts and appear to be gutless in pursuing immigration laws. It appears that Governments are; highly swayed by the rich, simply look at profit in their pockets! They will simply shout back and ‘brand’ any complaints, worry, bad feelings as being stupid and Islamophobic.


So are people spread across the whole of Europe stupid? Is watching their cities lose control crazy? Is watching their law acting with sympathy toward these BAME Migrants acceptable?

Is seeing their police taking a different ‘soft’ approach to-ward them acceptable? Is; watching and living and  dealing with; bombings, knife attacks, rapes, gang rapes, female stoning, female genital cuttings, marriage to children as young as 5 / 6 years old, looting’s, house break-ins,  Violence against the old, Disgusting language (You old fart etc etc) Cities reduced to hovels with filth and even excreta on public roads, footpaths, parks etc acceptable?

Why are the people being denied to keep their culture, their beliefs, their beautiful cities and day to day living as it was, and should be? Why are we being silenced? Why are peoples views deleted from media and Govt agenda?

That is a question you have to answer for yourselves. But if you want to save your country then you need to take an action. Simply add in the box below. Send me details please. Dont forget an email address.

This is London 2020. Is this sensible?

This is France 2020 no different feelings than that of others.

Even Women are being forced to change, But Governments ignore it.

France is no different to any other country in Europe. It has exactly the same problems and the people feel exactly the same as other European countries.

La France n’est pas différente de tout autre pays d’Europe. Il a exactement les mêmes problèmes et les gens ressentent exactement la même chose que les autres pays européens.

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