BLM is Dying in UK (BUT! The Damage to BAME will be here a Lifetime.)


From all the damages, looting, shouting, screaming and general mayhem the real damage was done to the BAME people. BLM proved themselves to be nothing more than idiots, which the police are still rounding up. The people who suffer are now the good hearted BAME people who the general public are now frightened of approaching. Many good people now serve as a hiding place for those that spread terror, ruined the BAME people’s image and have set up a great big wall of “Who’s safe? Who can I trust? Will I get mugged or knifed?” So many questions that it will take a lifetime to resolve.  BLM and ANTIFA are now learning they are listed on the Intel rolls of the police and special services and it’s just a matter of time for them before they are brought to justice. Here are just a few of the memories they left behind. Enough to remind them/you of the shame and hate they set upon themselves and unfortunately  their kindred. The BLM people still exists. Mainly in hiding but some of them are below also.

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