Are there Different laws for BAME and British?

Rape in UK

Politically an argumentative, or point of denial. Facts however seem to show a different picture.

Most certainly the law has become soft toward BAME and it is known that the Conservative Party has a large selection of ‘leftist’ followers who support BAME more than the country’s patriates.  Mainly driven by wanting more wealth in their pockets and hate against the right wing for winning the ‘Leave the EU/Brexit effect’. (A further loss to their monetary dreams.) This produces several ‘knock-on’ effects, apart from lies, white lies and absolute damned lies,  further the bias reports from the BBC and other media sources which have completely lost their truth to what was a strong audience. False, bias, bent, and even ignored news comes from their hate and self opinionated ideas that they are the true voice and not that of the people that they lost against.

Maybe it would be a good idea if you judge for yourselves by checking out the videos below.



There is little point in even arguing against the fact that even police leaders are either bias, incompetent or even worse, not trained or briefed on their position. This is disgusting by any standards. This is in court. Time to prepare, time to re-search, time to produce evidence has been given, and there is just not anything here showing a willingness to bring guilty to justice.  An absolute shambles from leaders earning huge sums of money. It is wrong. I fear this attitude by government will end up producing a civil war.

A typical contrast can be seen on protesters being allowed to protest in one of London’s most heavily guarded places (Buckingham Palace) and yet the countries veterans and patriates get stopped. 

The penultimate video shows quiet clearly the peaceful and even helpful protests of the patriates against the stark realism of riots, fires, murder, knifings and even looting by others. Wherase the last clip draws an action from the vets at the police kneeling for BLM and ANFITA pretests and riots.

Something is definitely wrong.

Lying media.

Threats to society from BAME

Just one of the vandals in London

4 BAME guys rape a young girl

London riots
The 2 Laws

Admission that challenges come from the BAME people, not the local people (white)

Say’s it all

Rape is common. It is so common UK has had to open emergency clinics to deal with damaged, frightened, attacked young females.

So many rape cases, child grooming etc and the police do very little. The law is lenient and to say the least pathetic.

Defence of white by black
Says it all
BAME rape 2
BAME rape

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