genug ist genug

Immigration isn’t working.  It isn’t controlled, rules are not being followed, religious beliefs are not, and cannot mix, standards are being dropped to those of pigs and people across Europe have said.


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Countries across Europe have the same challenges. Governments have produced a variety of ‘non-answers’ and nearly all have ‘internal disagreement’ on how to deal with this massacre of their culture, beliefs, standards, and total ruination and conduct of everything they have achieved in there loving, hard earned and wonderful societies. Have you enjoyed traveling Europe? The people, the countries, the wonderful holidays and friends? Then you need to fight now to save it. NOW! BECAUSE IT IS DYING VERY VERY QUICKLY.

Challenges now come in many serious areas. Illegal refugees (self admitted by many), bending of rules by governments split on what they should do, integration of BAME into governments who then lose their vote percentage. (Integration of ‘tribal / family voting’ which ‘overrules normal government election competition’ from the people of the country). It follows that there is no control over religious indifference’s, cultural habits and daily living. AS A RESULT ‘THE COUNTRY DIES’.

Countries are being thrown into nothing more than cesspits in many areas. There is little to no wish to conform to integration rules, rather enclaves and ghettos are set up  where they keep themselves apart. They draw on the countries contribution systems, produce gangs and engage in everything from trafficking drugs to grooming sex children and taking advantage of systems designed to help the countries people.

Many bring in a flood of relations who tend also to draw local aid. In many cases work is carried out from home privately, and no taxes paid. In short the vast majority arrive to sap everything they can. As a result, the people that suffer, are the very people who set up the systems for benefit. 

Immigration rules need to be re-written and a clamping down on the rules and regulations once established in the countries. There are some that do live as law abiding people and do offer some good to the community, but sadly this is rare. The majority of these people have nothing to offer, or have no wish to conform and drag the countries standards down. Many seek private work and still live from its welfare system without contributing to the various tax / systems in place.  This type of individual must be sent back to their place of origin / lineage.

No immigrant becomes a country bred citizen of a country just because they hold a passport. Their birthright is set firmly in their country of origin / family lineage. In short immigrants, no matter how long in a country are there at the kindness and wish of the people. The land is after all, theirs!

2 thoughts on “(ENOUGH is ENOUGH) – (GENUG ist GENUG) – (TROP c’est TROP)

  1. Merci George. Beaucoup ont les mêmes sentiments. Espérons que beaucoup d’autres soutiendront également la sauvegarde de leur pays.
    Thanks George. Many have the same feelings. Hopefully many more will support to save their country as well. Details will be sent to all who ask.

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