We Need Immigration Reform, that must Include:-

immigration reform 2020

This follows the thousand upon thousands of requests on social media platforms confirming the conservative’s/government promises and replying/demanding Boris Johnson to produce the new rules, regulations, laws, and immediate action on Immigration reform. NOW! We wonder what? if any, action has been taken to date.    

This isn’t just about BLM, Antifa etc. The problem has been there for years and to date many places in UK already look like Bangkok Market. Any self respecting coloured lady or gentlemen would agree it has already got far too far out of hand. UK has already died in many places. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.


The demands follow many years of complaints and non-action from government. It further follows what appears to be a poor response by both immigration, border and local police forces. It isn’t safe anymore. I first got attacked by an Indian/Pakistani knife gang in Gravesend in the late 1980’s.

Enough is enough. Even business is not safe from these willful attacks by some of the coloured community and in the main it is white shops they attack. These people come here, because we have become ‘the soft touch’ with open arms, giving places to live, money and even free training for work. While our own suffer and are left to strive on their own.

The demands were endless. Protection by our own kind for this intolerable behavior is not acceptable. This false protection does not come without a reason, which in itself is usually dark and devious. Any member of parliament fighting against this bill would be blacklisted and boycotted nationwide. UK comes first. The country must remain British. AND IT ISN’T.

The level of attacks, ranging through knife fights, gang rapes, attacks on the elderly, the children, in fact any person who happens to be white is absolutely unacceptable. NO; if’s, but’s, why’s, you can’t do that etc. IT MUST BE STOPPED AND THE RULE/LAW-BOOK RE-WRITTEN.

This is the type of degenerate scum we are producing in the land of Oz. Paid for, looked after and absolutely no control over whatsoever. This is what we have sunk to and our kids see on a daily basis. When our kids develop, this behavior becomes the norm.

It was also further obvious that the main support coming for such common sense reform was coming from great people like Nigel Farage, and NOT from within our own government even though promised. Some government members should take note that a ‘free ride’ has gone on for long enough. If they wish to keep the disgusting wages and pensions they get, while many Brits, including Vets, live in homeless poverty. The good British people and country must come first.

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