BLM & Antifa Leaders who Want to Destroy the Peaceful Harmony of Cultures.

BLM - Antifa friends of Khan

The brains of a stupid spoiled brats. No thought for there own kind, no thought for harm to people, no thought for business, economy, world protection, damage to innocent cultures worldwide, and no planning. Selfish people. I will cheer for all my coloured friends when they and there trouble causing friends get charged, slung in jail and find for damages to their own kind.

Our advice to all normal people is stay at home. Let the police sort it out. To my friends, you know you are welcome here if you have problems.


This is the sort of people that give coloureds a bad name. They do more harm to there cause than they can understand. No idea of planning. Just hooliganism.


Who, with a normal mind would do this?

This isn’t normal. This is scum behavior.


Regretfully this video only shows sometimes. It shows normal people being stopped and made to lick boots.

It gets to a stage, when enough is enough…..

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