The UK Prime Minister Standing on BLM

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The election resulted in a Conservative landslide majority of 80 seats, the party’s largest since 1987. It made a net gain of 48 seats and won 43.6% of the vote — the highest percentage by any party since 1979.

no10 Downing street
Soleimani is dead

It wasn’t the easiest of times to take-over as Prime Minister. Iran was playing war-games, China was being it’s usual bully and liar, in fact….. The world was a mess.  On top of this, something else came along.     –  The Dreaded Covid 19.

The worlds demon disaster Covid 19 (Known mainly by people as CovESE 19 because it emanated from China) brought with it a host of challenges. Not least the safety of the people but a ‘behind the scenes’ nasty emerging list of further lies and the fact that while the world was fighting a virus, China was pushing it’s advantage and taking over. 

Hong Kong/UK being China’s main target as the people were revolting against increasing pressure from the CCParty. But takeover of islands in the Sth China Sea were also being sped up. A love relation between President Xi and The Philippine President Duterte was also making life difficult to maintain Philippine relations as China’s actions were being assisted by Duterte. The world was in a mess, and China was laughing and taking advantage.

THEN: As if by fate at least 3 more things were happening.

  1. Somebody wasn’t conforming to immigration rules.
  2. The Media had turned hostile.
  3. BLM led by a group of (Antifa) Hooligan’s and thugs decided to increase their ‘gang’ image by creating attacks against history worldwide.

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