Illegal Immigrants

illegal immigrants

Backs of trucks, inside wheel arches in planes, inside the girders of trucks, false apartment in lorries, fridge containers, false ID, false addresses, false stories. the world of liars, cheats and scum of the barrel. Every excuse going, riddled with lies and we are stupid enough to accept these guys that within short periods of time produce a percentage of gang rapes, knife attacks, and robberies.

Ilegal Immigrant's

Very few people are against legal immigration in UK. Foreigners are welcome with open arms.   WELL! That’s how it was. Now! There are very few women in UK not frightened of getting gang raped by (specifically) groups of Indian/Pakistani youths. Many guys have to watch their ‘back pocket’ and go home with friends. Many business people are fed up of break-ins and theft.  (It’s all shushed over so the rich can get richer.)

Even business people now are getting frightened of employing foreigners and mainly because >>> THE POLICE DON’T DO ANYTHING. Why? Because many, including politicians don’t like to admit the truth that it goes against the great plan of being a free country. They seem to forget that it is the British People that matter. They think like the news media that they can change the opinion of people and steer them into doing what they wish. It is a mess. Thank God for the Boris Johnson’s and the Nigel Farage’s. But be warned. A lot of bad things are kept hidden.

Illegal Immigrant's

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