Statue of Liberty Tests Positive ?

Covid 19

Can we believe in what we read? or, can we read between the lines and understand what is happening?

A few things for the near and distant future are facts.

1. Covid 19 is more than likely ‘here to stay’. Whether we find a cure or not.

2. It could change to be a seasonal virus if we dont kill it or produce a vaccine quickly.

3. It will change our planet in many ways. Not least in our:-

   a) Living style.

   b) World Trade.

   c) Global interaction

and of course, travel.

4. It is a virus bred in China and China will be held accountable by many. Communist China has much to answer. Delaying initial reports by doctors is disgusting.

The Chances of killing it forever are very slim, if not impossible.

Even common flu is seasonal now in many places.

  • Will everyone be able to afford a vaccine, and will it stop us/animals from being carriers?
  • New food, animal and other restrictions?
  • Where is it safer or ‘not so safe’?


–New rules in markets and such-like areas. New cleaning and disposal rules and regular health inspections.

Do people really understand social distancing? Because it isn’t working. Have a look at just one way it spreads.

Social distancing
covid 19 and animals

Quarantine / Isolation will help to slow down the rapid spreading of Coronavirus. But what else will it do?

Lack of Work.

Lack of money/food.

Downfall in trade.

Collapse of business.



And probably:- Increase in birth rate. Welcome Covid 19 Baby Boomers….

No Job
covid 19 boomers

The world has to get back to work.

Leaders have to change social and working habits, for the meanwhile at least. (Until humans and animals have a protection against the virus)

Companies have to change working conditions to keep the virus out.

Laws have to be produced to stop willing/forceful/vindictive/sick minded spreading of the virus,

People have to learn self protection and think of others.

Schools, colleges, churches, in fact all group organizations and meetings have to be re-organized and controlled.

The list is endless until we have a vaccine. It’s just a case of thinking about it and adjusting to the situation until it changes.

No need for panic. Just a need for understanding, adjustment and re-organization.

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