Are You Prepared? Will You and Yours be OK?

Storm Surge Phafone

This was Ursula. Philippines / Visayas.

Are you ready. Were you prepared after the knowledge of Yolanda / Ursula? Did your family suffer because you did nothing? or did you have a great Christmas during Phanfone (Movie Above)? What does it take to get you to prepare?

This was Phanfone. Philippines / Visayas.
Phanfone continued to sweep west across the islands of the Eastern Visayas region, southern Luzon and Western, toppling electricity pylons and trees, tearing off roofs, damaging homes and causing widespread travel disruption over the busy Christmas period.
The region is majority Catholic and many people were preparing for family celebrations when the typhoon hit.
Images from the area showed debris blocking roads, downed lamp posts, crumpled houses and people huddling in evacuation centers.

6 to 8 pots per room.

The Snake plant purifies air by absorbing toxins through the leaves and producing pure oxygen. In fact, the Sansevieria is an ideal bedroom plant. Whereas most other plants release carbon dioxide at night (in the absence of photosynthesis), the Sansevieria continues to produce oxygen.

Plant pots are not expensive and can be made to look nice by covering with coloured paper.

Snake plants grow reasonably quick so you dont have to buy many. Just split them.

Plant some Mango trees. Enjoy the fruit and the oxygen.

The growth of the tree causes a process called carbon sequestration or carbon uptake. The tree absorbs CO², also known as carbon dioxide, from the environment, using it to form the trunk, branches, leaves and fruit of the mango tree. The tree produces oxygen and releases it into the environment during this process.

Climate Change Mango trees

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