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Almira Absin Johnson Celta

Fred said…. “I tried for 13 years and I learned that the ‘upfront court appearance’ is a complete scam. I have never seen such a democratic system run in such an undemocratic way, on ambiguity, stifling the truth and personal hate against foreigners. So many people filled with self righteousness and power and an absolute total disrespect for actual law and truth. I felt (and truly believe) they were just collecting money and waiting for me to die. Remember this is 5 cases. (All over 13years) Not just 1.  I dont believe they ever thought I would wait as long as 13years. No wonder the Philippines in some areas is in a mess, and law-wise… it is a mess. Actual professionalism and devotion to duty, law and truth/fact, is to say at the least is frightening. Read the judgement order and read between the lines. See what is deliberately missing. Like the P20,000,000 plus, and KRW 5 million a month etc! See what deliberate lies are used. It even stinks of  giving the supreme court / general public the wrong impression to save face for the damning lies and false picture it portrays and tells.”  He said. “I am happy. I have warned the young, and tourists  against making mistakes about a Philippines that was. But! Don’t get me wrong. There are some lovely wonderful honest Filipinos. Just not so many of them at the ‘top end’. There is an increasing set of people that hide behind the truth. Read the facts  of  just one of many cases and don’t ruin your life.

In this report we outline just a few cases against foreigners in the Philippines for the benefit of all people. These cases are picked  for their interest and proof that many Filipinos just make a living from deceiving foreigners, and of course this is the plight of Fred. Fred fell in love with one of the many females in the philippines who’s sole object is to abstract everything they can from a marriage then leave for the next target. It is also a worthy note to mention Fred has to date gone through two attempts to be taken hostage (one at gunpoint  by a group).  An attempt on his life which he escaped by inches (still on the families ‘hit list’), various attempts  of theft, had both his van and car broken into and more. Not in the least Fred had scammed/stolen circa P20,000,000. His house in UK, in fact everything that could be stolen was.

If you are a foreigner be aware of the traps,  immoral business workings, and doubts in the law giving YOU justice in the Philippines!! (Nobody is above the law !! But, in the philippines many have not yet learnt that THE LAW is NOT above THE TRUTH) (Protect your belongings, future and dignity. The following are proofs laid out for you to examine for yourself. Just some of the things that can very easily happen to you. ie: PROTECT YOURSELF!)

Here, we outline a brief list of facts with comments. Further information can be obtained from documents W1 to W12. People must draw their own conclusions. We however believe that a very strong bias exists against foreigners in the Philippines, and during research we found a strong evidence of racism and jealousy existing mainly from the middle/upper class. Theft, lies and fraud were not uncommon. The main stream Filipinos were found to be honest, church going, wonderful people, full of love, kindness and friendship. Poverty and begging were rife.

Fred, an honest outgoing trust believing, christian guy (maybe too believing in others) tried to do things the right way, he took the cases to the law-courts. Make up your own opinion on these cases and feel free to comment below. outline:-

Before you embark on probing the evidence, lies, perjury and disgusting behavior of some Filipino’s take time out to listen to the President here.

If your a foreigner be aware of the traps,  immoral business workings, and doubts in the law ever giving YOU justice in the philippines!! (The following are proofs laid out to PROTECT YOU!)

  1. Did the wife Almira Absin /Johnson COMMIT PERJURY?         Yes, though it is possible that on some occasions  the Judge, told lies in the judgement order.
  2. Did She (Almira) commit perjury on one or more occasions?  Yes, on more than one occasion.
  3. Did the Father (Hesiquinto Absin from WAO, Lanau del Sur, Philippines) commit perjury against the foreigner? Yes. He never appeared in court so who told the lies? Perjury once again exists, but by who? (Many lies were told.)
  4. Did the brother & sister-in-law Rex & Elvie Absin (from Intel California USA, and Manila Philippines commit theft against the foreigner? Yes. They both agreed they owed money, both agreed to pay, but didn’t.
  5. Did Evelyn Tan (Auntie) or Almira Absin / Johnson steal and void the plaintiffs (foreigners) pension scheme? Yes. Was it one or both? Not determined, the law-courts wouldn’t follow the case through. (We wonder why?)
  6. Was Rene man Loco (Cargo Factors) bribed by Almira Absin / Johnson? Or is the law so corrupt as to refuse punishment to offenders against foreigners? We dont know.  We do know the evidences given were undeniable, the courts demanded payment from Rene Man Loco, and then? Disgusting. Read the case.
  7. We have severe doubts on the truthfulness of the judgement order. It has many underlined tones of bias, if not even hate. If the Supreme court has any pride they should examine and give Fred a true judgment and re-compensation.  Fred is presently trapped in the Philippines with no house in UK now. He has had all his savings stolen and sees an appeal as just another way of the Philippine law extracting money from foreigners.
Almira Absin Johnson Celta

The cover picture is in response to the many replies and questions we had on the validity of the husband’s passport stamp to Australia being accepted as proof. Many said it doesn’t prove that Almira Absin Johnson traveled to Australia at the same time as her husband Fred. (Not husband Johnson). So! We added another of many proofs showing that she was in fact in Australia on a course (paid for by Fred) when she lied to the court saying she was working in Korea. (According to the judgement order.) Fact:- The judgment order on no less than 2 main cases is wrong, the courts actions on all cases, especially non-action is inexcusable and these cases are not isolated within the Philippines.

From records we note ‘Fred’ respected these cases needed to be dealt with in the correct manner by going to the law-courts. In short, he honestly believed in the Philippines and it’s law system. He thought the cases would have a fair trial. However, we note that he had to wait a minimum of 13 years on no less than 5 different cases paying upwards of P1,500 – P2,000 per hearing of which on many cases there were 2 hearings per month. We further note that it appears obvious that the law-courts did not want Fred to win on any of these cases, a definite bias existed. It was further noted that Fred said he was being ‘blocked’ on speaking and from evidence supplied this appears to have  a strong basis of fact. (Most certainly gross negligence, incompetence and / in-excusable results would have been addressed, which were not. Further, the supreme court does not respond to mail and there are also strong doubts to it’s openness and honesty.)

We strongly urge all foreigners to re-think before staying in the Philippines, and most certainly they should think ahead if ever thinking of giving away their complete livelihood by marriage. In the Philippines you marry into the tribe!! Remember also in the Philippines you are, in practice, treated as being guilty until proved otherwise. The country is mostly tribal and therefore whatever a member of the tribe says or accuses you of, will likely be believed by the others. Like Fred you can be hunted and your life can be in danger.  (Safeguard yourselves.)

In one case the evidence included admission and promises to pay up by the defendant Rex Absin (Working from Intel in Manila and California USA he never turned up for court hearings, evidence was however conclusive.) Court response = No action whatsoever. The case was just ‘left’ by the courts. On another case (Rene Man Loco, Manila, Philippines) the defendant was found guilty, but no punishment, repayment etc was pursued. (In fact the case was hindered.) A further case (Theft of Fred’s Pension plan money, stolen) against a Ms Evelyn Tan & Almira Absin/Johnson of Azpired in Cebu & Cagayan de Oro was dropped completely by the courts although evidence was clear. Another 2 cases were closed against the plaintiff even though proof of perjury exists.  It was further noted that no marriage rights were given to Fred whatsoever. All home assets of the marriage, (even though supplied by him) were given to the Filipino wife Ms Almira Absin / Johnson. Fred, got nothing other than 13 years of trying to fight the cases in the law-courts. He lost, (even though evidence shows clearly he was right in all cases) on every single issue.

We are also now aware that although holding a divorce agreement in Korea, Ms Almira Johnson did in fact use her void  marriage certificate to gain entry into the US to visit her new lover/target Mr Scott Johnson (Now believed to be husband number 2). We also now know that Ms Almira Absin Johnson divorced her husband Fred in Korea, despite his claim that a divorce was not the thing to do, specifically to see her newly found boyfriend Mr Scott Johnson, (the next target because Fred was retiring.) She had already stolen everything and facts show she lied to the court about this also. We know this because Mr Johnson who was one of the many targets of Almira (previously married foreign person, house owner etc according to our records, and documentation) wrote a letter stating ** (too rude to put here)** which Almira Absin / Johnson left on Fred’s office computer for his student assistants to see out of spite because Fred wouldn’t give her anymore money. (So she stole his last pay packet also)

From documentation available it was also obvious that Almira Absin / Johnson never intended to stay with Fred. Nearly all paperwork’s are in her maiden name Absin, as seen on her CELTA certificate above, and the pension scheme below, (nearly all including house purchases etc) except where they were of benefit to her personally (traveling abroad, etc). But, it is obvious that everything she said was taken as fact without proofs by the judge. It was stated by a member of the panel, “was she lying for the benefit of the judge, who either maybe didn’t realize or purposely wanted to keep blocking Fred from speaking”. Either way. It’s on record where Fred wanted it.

Was Azpired built from plaintiff’s/husband’s money? There were also strong reasons to believe that the company that gave birth to Azpired (eBusiness BPO Inc) was in fact produced , if not from all, certainly from some of Fred’s money. Certainly many of the dissatisfied employees at that time thought so.

Why did the supreme court refuse to answer?   What did the defense lawyer think, do, not do or ????     More to follow.

corruption in the philippines.

** Thank you to the many brothers who added, advised and assisted in procuring the truths in these cases both from home and the Philippines. Our deepest condolences go to brother Donald’s relations. May he rest in peace. We are still trying to find out where he was buried.  

W1,  W2W3,  W4,  W5,  W6,  W7,  W8,  W9,  W10,  W11,  W12,  W13=this.

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