Are You Happy with Your Country’s Leadership?

truthful leadership

Is this happening world-wide? Is this happening in your country? Have the rich totally taken over the poor? We are now governed by what they say, what we see, eat, buy, where we go, what we do, what we watch, AND! if it continues to give them more wealth, they will continue to control you MORE. Are the Trump’s, The Boris people, Farage the answer? They know that giving the people what they want is the answer. But!!! Will they give it? Never before has it been a better time to aim for truthful leadership. Are you an honest person? Deep! In your soul?  Leave your comments below.


Let’s use UK as an example of what a country wants, and yet the rich try to deny. Is this happening in your country? Let us know. Just comment below leave your email if you would like an answer.

The EU!! A giant of countries. This is a typical case of those with money and in power. These rich people despise Brexit. They have devoted themselves to stopping it. They are against enacting the democratic will of the people. In expecting us to believe their legal case wasn’t political, they expose what a low opinion they have of the people of this country. Millions will see this case, and the judgement, and know instantly that it will not do anything whatsoever to defend democracy, parliamentary or otherwise, but rather will enable the Remainer Parliament to continue thwarting democracy and silencing the people’s voice. At least voters now know what they are up against: virtually every institution in the land, including the law itself, all of which are lending their considerable power to the Remainer elite’s anti-democratic, anti-people project.

This judgement is a disaster for law and for politics. It’s bad for law because it will convince many more people that the law has become a political instrument, wielded by the wealthy to achieve openly political ends that they failed to achieve in the public, democratic sphere. And it is bad for politics because it points to the formation of a new politicized but untouchable elite which has power over the entire nation and everyone in it. That should terrify anyone who believes in real democracy. When the Daily Mail from UK accused judges of behaving like enemies of the people, the Remainer elites went into meltdown. Our message to them today is clear: if you don’t want to be called an enemy of the people, stop behaving like one.

The rich will rule and command you if you let them. They will steal from you, keep you in the land of ‘wanting’, steer you in every direction to fill their own pockets with gold and unless you resist them it will get worse. Take an active part in voting in HONEST people in your country that will DELIVER FOR YOUR PEOPLE!!!

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