Hong Kong is not China, but is the Philippines?

Is it safe in the Philippines?
China in Philippines

Some people’s view of the new Philippines:

The Global people fight back.

France:- Yellow vests riots and protests.

Venezuela:- Socialist revolution.

Guatemala:- Women protests.

Vietnam:- protests against China.

Thailand:- protests against China.

Hong Kong:- Riots against Chinese government / Communism.

UN:- protests against Chinese tactics – trade, land grabs etc

Philippines:-  ZZzzzzzzz

Is it safe in the Philippines?

Is it safe in the Philippines?

The changing archipelago. This is an action of the Police. Where is the Philippines we used to know? What’s changing in government? Why is the country dyeing? Why are foreigners going to other countries? Where is Truth and Justice?

It appears the days of people power have gone, together with a country that was the holiday islands of the world. Replaced by racism, hate, violence, oppression against truth and justice. A land of Grab by the Rich.

Its people dont seem to understand what is happening, there is little truth left.


China is already in the Philippines front garden. It has already sent its spies to plan its future actions and is already stealing land, resources, political power and jobs. Investing future bribery money in the land together with false promises how long now before the Philippines becomes a controlled nation of China? How long before Filipino kids have to learn Chinese?

Throughout the world in many places it appears human rights are disappearing.

It appears that honest tax payers are just an income for the Rich and Greedy.

french yellow vests

What would you do? How would you rescue the land of love and beauty?  Do you think it’s to late? Leave your suggestions and thoughts below. God bless the Philippines.

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