Court Racist/Bias/Incompetence/Perjury Cases W10

Rex & Elvie Absin
Uni Absin
Almira Absin Evelyn Tan
Almira-Absin Johnson

Why are these cases being questioned? Why are people worried about Filipino law, racism, bias tendency, cost and generally crying out that Filipino law doesn’t work? Especially for foreigners. Fred has already narrowly escaped 2 hostage taking traps, (one at gunpoint by a group) and one murder attempt on his life, numerous scams and now this (abbreviated version). What did he lose? He lost a £280,000 (Pesos 27,720,000 at the time) house in UK (Now has no home in UK) Lost a pension and lost the savings for about 7 years as a high income earner.

Lets look at some facts on all the cases below.

  1. FLORENCIA D ALANA-ABBU Presiding Judge FDSA/sfc had all cases transferred to her. This was unusual and together with a gag order seemed to be suspicious.
  2. The cases all took a course of 13 (Thirteen) years fighting for justice.                                                     This is not acceptable.
  3. Court costs Pesos 2,000 per hearing. 2 hearings each month.                                                     This is not affordable to many Filipinos.
  4. Hesiquinto E. Absin case was linked with Almira absin case.
  5. Almira Absin / Evelyn Tan case seemed to just be forgotten.
  6. Rex Absin case Loan re-payment.  On the second court appearance the judge intimated  the defendant would have to pay back. (Evidence of loan produced together with letter of admission from defendant) 13 years later still not paid and still no court order.
  7. Rene Man Loco case won quite quickly but on issue of court order to pay Fred was told he’d have to wait 4 to 5 years before he could ask for re-payment?  After 5 years the case was reconvened.   1.  The court order was issued 10 years after start of court case. This is not acceptable. ******  2. The police demanded P60,000 up front before going to Manila to demand payment / arrest. This is not affordable to majority of Filipinos.*****    3. The police did not action the case straight away.  We believe time given for defendant to transfer all properties to his son. Which was proven to be done. ******   4. The plaintiff had to do 2 weeks of police research in Manila at own cost. At this stage it was obvious the case was being rigged. ******  5. The police finally confronted the defendant who pleaded poverty (everything having been transferred to his son)  The police then said there was nothing they could do but put it back to the courts. (Another 10-13years?)
  8. Pueblo de Oro case could not be taken on until the Almira Absin case was completed.
  9. Only one case (linked) is completed and that was because the plaintiff was being gagged. After 13 years on 6 cases he knew he would not win on any. He’d had enough  so he stood up in court and told the judge the defendant was lying. The case was brought to an abrupt end so that the plaintiff could not speak. (He had nothing to lose. The cases (ALL) had already been decided.
  10.  Fred then did the only things he could do. First to warn other foreigners traveling to the Philippines of the risk. Second to inform the appropriate authorities of the appalling situation. Set new charges including perjury and, Third to find some way of re-building his future.
Almira Absin Johnson

Lies, deceit, scheming and planning.

At the same time as the introduction Ms Absin was already communicating with other suitors. She had recently finished a relationship with a J***** and a pattern formed later that her potential suitors were foreigners, married, house owners and wealthy. In fact whilst she was telling Fred she loved him she was in fact also in a relationship with a S**** H******* who she was entertaining and staying with in a local hotel. (Documents exist that show this was a sexual relationship. Part document only enclosed here at) reference:- Not realizing what was transpiring Fred continued his friendship with Ms Absin. Ms Absin asked Fred if he could get her to UK. He agreed it would be nice and as a result Ms Absin made arrangements to apply for a VISA to visit Fred. Unbeknown to Fred at the time she further lied to the British Ambassador. Reference letter from British Ambassador.  She simply told Fred her application was rejected and  suggested they could get married. This she said could be done in Hong Kong and once married they could both return to UK.

Meanwhile the divorce arrangements were being finalized in UK and Fred received notice he must sell his house (£280,000). Although already receiving a specialist pension Circa £900/P99,000 month (exchange rate at that time), Fred would have nowhere to live until the proceeds of the house were released. (Fred was not receiving a state pension yet. He was too young to retire). He now had nowhere to live and nowhere to bring Ms Absin to in UK. She therefore suggested that after the wedding they could stay in her place, in the university of the Philippines campus area. This transpired and Fred moved in with his new wife Almira.

Unbeknown to Fred the marriage wasn’t going well. ‘Almira’ stated she had a medical challenge and it was to painful to have sex. There was never any sexual relation in the marriage. Almira was still chatting with her American lover, looking for further suitors, she was making arrangements to transfer Fred’s monies into several joint bank accounts in the Philippines, making Fred accountable to pay for her brother’s apartment rent, etc. In short she was abstracting Fred’s money, and still looking for other suitors. Having extracted all Fred’s savings and income, on his retirement she made arrangements to go with one of her suitors, a Mr Scott Johnson and desert Fred in North Korea. She made arrangements for a divorce, left him, cancelled and emptied all the bank accounts (4 x HSBC, 3 Metrobank, 3 Korean, and then emptied his work bank account after divorce and left Fred in North Korea with nothing.) {Bank books/cards available} It is not known at this stage if Mr Johnson was aware that “his bride to be” was in fact already married. {Paperwork’s available.} Fred had lost, since he left UK circa 30,000,000.00 million pesos. AND HE GOT NOTHING BACK!!! BE WARNED====== The Philippines isn’t what it used to be.

Section 2. CIVIL CASE NO. 2009-109. 

Court case number is… 2009 – 109

Land cases. Person in default:- Almira Sarmiento Absin

Judge was a Gil Bollozos. Changed to:- FLORENCIA D ALANA-ABBU Presiding Judge FDSA/sfc

Land cases.  

The following case is about land investment. All the legal documents are available to safeguard Fred’s interests, but the defendant refused to abide by the legal agreements made. Fred & Almira made arrangements to purchase lands in Bonbon (3 land sites) and Pueblo de Oro’s development site in Phil-am Life Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.   Despite having legal documents produced to safeguard Fred’s retirement the judge over-ruled them and assigned all lands to Almira (1 to her father Hesiquinto Absin. (Case 2 CIVIL CASE NO. 2009-199 below)

The cases involved; include security guard cost of land, deception, forgery/misuse of name, and death threats. At least one attempt to take Fred’s life has already happened; He was lucky and the report/details can be seen at:- Fred just managed to avoid being killed or badly injured. A week or so after this event another foreigner was killed in the same place, and it is believed that this person was thought to be Fred. There is evidence to suggest he is still being targeted.

Section 3. CIVIL CASE NO. 2009-199. ref W6

Court case number is… 2009 – 199

Land cases. Person in default:- Hesiquinto E. Absin/Almira in Bonbon

Judge is ….Michelia O. Capadocia. Changed to:- FLORENCIA D ALANA-ABBU Presiding Judge FDSA/sfc. Defendant never turned up. This case includes deception/theft.

Court is…Civil Case

Hesiquinto Absin entered into an agreement with his daughter Almira to purchase lands in the Philippines while Almira and Fred were in Korea. He subsequently purchased the lands with Fred’s money, declared this was a blessing from heaven and refused to sign the lands over to Almira under the safeguard of legal paperwork’s, produced by a lawyer Remedios G. Guiab, as arranged by atty-guiab-waiver-2055, and the subsequent paperwork’s signed by notary lawyers in Cagayan de Oro and the Philippine Embassy in Sth Korea.

Further, under the statement and threat of death by Almira by her father (parents) it is strongly believed that Hesiquinto E. Absin was responsible for the attempted murder of Fred in Cagayan de Oro. Details which can be read at 

Section 4. CIVIL CASE NO.M3-12-3177.

Court case number is… No case yet.. to follow..  M3-12-3177

Case against Miss Almira Sarmiento Absin – Evelyn Tan to take action as required.

ING life, outstanding court cases

Judge is: Changed to:- FLORENCIA D ALANA-ABBU Presiding Judge FDSA/sfc

The following case is about a manager (A Mrs Evelyn Tan)and/or a Miss Almira Sarmiento Absin taking monies that were to be invested into two retirement pensions for 1. Fred and 2. Almira. The only installments that were paid into the fund were the first 2 payments (opening payments) made by Fred. Other instalment payments were somehow taken before payment. One of the mentioned people just kept the money. (Monthly payments for circa 2 years) In fact she stole everything she could get her hands on. 

This case seems to be abandoned at the same time that the Cagayan Law Courts suffered severe damage through fire. The whole building was destroyed and at this point many of the evidences in these cases appear to be lost/not re-submitted.

Section 5. CIVIL CASE NO.C8-NOV-679. ref W7

Court case number is…C8-NOV-679

Loan case against a Rex Sarmiento Absin brother of Almira Absin, son of  Hesiquinto E. Absin case ongoing for circa 13years 

Judge is..Isabelo E. Sabanal.Changed to:- FLORENCIA D ALANA-ABBU Presiding Judge FDSA/sfc

Defendant never turns up,, no action taken by courts.

Court is…Civil Case

The case involves repayment of money loan. The case is an admission of loan but refuse to re-pay.  In a similar case involving an American subject, the subject has been put in jail and told by the police that he will not be released until he repays the loan. In this case, the Filipino at default has not even  been made to appear in court. Details and evidence can be read at:- 

Section 6. CIVIL CASE NO.C8-NOV-680. ref W8

Court case number is…C8-NOV-680

Metro Manila Port company cases.

The company in violation is:-  Cargo Factors.

Judge is, HON. Cesar A. Merlas Changed to:- FLORENCIA D ALANA-ABBU Presiding Judge FDSA/sfc

(case was won about/in 2018. After 12 years/10 years court proceedings. No re-payment. No further action by court. It is considered finished.

Court is…. Criminal case

   Fred paid 6 million Korean Won for an indoor to indoor removal service of house furniture and personal belongings from Korea to Mindanao.  All went well until the container arrived in Manila port. The Filipino Rene Man Loco demanded more money and threatened that he would keep Fred’s belongings if he did not pay. He did this three times. The case took 1½ years to complete and was won. The outcome is that the Filipino manager simply filed an appeal and Fred has been informed he could not do anything for 4 to 5 years. The case was hindered in every possible way to avoid payment. Fred’s lawyer for this case (Atty Rene Caabucayan) told him he could not do anything else until 4-5 yrs passed..  After 5 years the case was actioned to collect monies owed. Fred was asked to pay P60,00 police costs, had to make arrangements for all intelligence work which took 2 weeks working and staying in Manila etc. The defendant during this time passed all his belongings to his son ie: house, car etc. The Police then said they couldn’t do anything. Case referred back to law courts but no further action was taken.   The case involved return of 180,000 Pesos to Fred at that time. Details and evidence can be read at:-

Section 7.  CASE NO: NK.  Still not actioned.

Court case number is:- ?

Deceit/? Land size half the size of land invested in. Fred can’t build and cant take action as foreigners cannot invest in land. Have to wait for legal certificate from defendant Almira now Absin/Johnson in case one (above) before action can be taken.

The company in violation is:-   Pueblo de Oro

Judge is, ?

Court is…. ?

No Judge yet   

  The following case involves land investment with the company Pueblo de Oro. Following the Architects completion of plans and instructions to commence building the construction company reports that the 365sq mtrs of land investment does not exist and that there is in fact only 160sq mtrs available. The Chief Engineer of Pueblo de Oro apologies and says the company is prepared to lend some wasteland, which cannot be constructed on.  Pueblo de Oro is well aware that they are at fault but refuse to resolve the issue.

We consider the Cagayan de Oro law courts to be an unlawful court and require further charges for perjury on Ms Almira/Absin/Johnson.

Rex & Elvie Absin
Uni Absin
Almira Absin Evelyn Tan
Almira-Absin Johnson

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