Case Study: Rex Absin Honesty? W7

Rex & Elvie Absin

Court case number is…C8-NOV – 679   Loan case against a Rex Sarmiento Absin   case ongoing.  Judge was..Isabelo E. Sabanal. Defendant never turns up. Court is…Civil Case

IS HE A WONDERFUL HUSBAND AND FATHER? Is this a wonderful way to bring up children in the land of lies and dishonesty?   Rex Absin A guy that begged his brother in law to lend money so he could buy the family a house. And when it comes to PAY-BACK TIME HE RUNS, HIDES AND LEAVES HIS BROTHER TO ROT.    There is a case that does nothing. The Judge Abbu Florencia Sealana, defendants lawyer Atty Jay Frances Bago,  and plaintiffs lawyer Atty Jocelyn Lood.

Rex Absin Phd from Intel Manila

Rex and his wife Elvie were no different to any other married couple. They wanted a house.

He approached his employer Intel in Manila and asked if he could get an advance and have it deducted from his wages each month. They agreed. However, it wasn’t enough. So he asks his brother in-law through his sister to beg our client for an extra loan.

The brother in law was in agreement only on the terms that the money would be re-paid as soon as the house/Intel was paid off. So his sister steals from her husband (our client) money to pay the monthly fees also. On top of this she adds extra for her Grandma etc.

absins monthly costs

The court case continues, and  with a self confession note the courts intimate the money must be returned. This was 13 years ago (in 2019) and our client is made to wait, surviving on his pension because loans etc are not returned. Thank goodness all Filipinos are not like this.

RESULT? —– nothing….. no thought of the many bills our client paid for them, no thought of the furniture’s he let them use, and the many small ways he helped, no thought of the children and the relationship. How can you bring so much shame to your family? Its shameful….. to say the least….

This will be added to on a regular basis to include rent demands by UP Diliman police etc.

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