Land Agreement Almira Absin/Johnson – Stealing as a Business. W4.

Almira Absin Frank from Nisan

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Please feel free to  pass this on…. Save somebody else from having their life ripped apart!

The following are copies of legal documents. That the plaintiff was not being allowed to talk about. Make your own conclusions. 13 years he had waited so far! (the longer = more money) In 13 years, he wasn’t been allowed to speak on things that matter.

The Judge Abbu Florencia Sealana, defendants lawyer Atty Jay Frances Bago,  and  the plaintiffs lawyer Atty Jocelyn Lood.

“Yes. She stole everything”. “She also used my UK bank cards to steal/spend money without my knowledge”. He muttered…. (Many more of these)

“I love the Philippines. Love Filipinos, Just the percentage of corruption, hate, and racism is so high.”

I don’t see how people can do this and get away with it.  They bring so much shame to themselves and the Philippines. THERE WAS NO JUDGMENT ON THIS AND OTHER CASES FOR 13 YEARS!”

At this point our client simply stated, “Tell others. Filipinos are not all good. A lot of money grabbers some of them. They can ruin your life”. It appears that because of  racism and general corruption, the law system is not usually (if ever) in favor of foreigners. Either get a lawyer from USA, UK etc or consider the case lost before losing anymore money.

Is it safe for foreigners in the Philippines? A beautiful country, but there are some problems. Be aware. You cant own land in the Philippines, and of course this sows the seeds of a  very good business for many of the women. The Almira Sarmiento Absin/Johnson case CEO of Azpired is a particular interesting case.

Not wishing to lose his house, life savings etc the plaintiff made it quite clear that he wanted security of this before it was spent on anything.
He therefore entered into an agreement with his wife, a Mrs Almira Sarmiento Absin/Johnson. The agreement consisted of several legal documents assuring that any land purchased could be sold and the full proceeds would be returned to the foreigner to do as he wished.
These documents were signed by legally appointed lawyers, AND also produced and signed by the Philippine Embassy in Korea. The Foreigner was assured by all concerned that this was a good way to secure some of his life savings so he would be secure in his retirement
Almira Absin thief
Almira's Withdrawals

He stated: “These withdrawals were often and she asked me to open several bank accounts. Of course, she closed the accounts and kept the money”.

Its a business in the Philippines for many pretty young ladies.

Whenever I mentioned money, saving etc she would scream


Marriage should be about sharing everything in life. Not grabbing what you can and then leaving.

Almiras Withdrawals

This is where the defendant was taking extra money secretly and paying the brother’s monthly house payments etc. They should pay it back… Our client already gave a big lump sum loan.

absins monthly costs

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