Land Agreement Almira Absin/Johnson – Philippine Embassy Korea. Doc W1

Philippine corruption

Read our policy pages. Land cases.   Defendant:- Almira Sarmiento Absin for Bonbon (3 land sites) and Pueblo de Oro’s development site in Phil-am Life. Judge was ….Gil Bollozos.  Court was……civil case. Further:

Court case number was… 2009 – 199   Land cases. Person in default:- Hesiquinto Absin in Bonbon Judge was ….Michelia O. Capadocia  Case ongoing. Defendant never turned up. … still no outcome. This case includes deception and forgery. Court was…Civil Case Further:

Court cases numbers… to follow..  M3-12-3177  Case against Miss Almira Sarmiento Absin / Mrs Evelyn Tan. (More to follow) To take action as required. ING life, outstanding court cases. Involves the defendant in case one.

These cases Marked W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7, W8, W9 and W10, are served for the benefit of Law students / studies. Advice’s and warnings of foreigners moving to, or holidaying in the Philippines.  Specifically on marriage to Filipinos and dangers thereof. Conclusions of truthful facts supplied without elaboration or misleading interventions must be for you the reader to determine.

This is 2 of the documents drawn up legally in the Almira Absin/Johnson case. The Judge Abbu Florencia Sealana. defendants lawyer Atty Jay Frances Bago  and Plaintiffs lawyer Atty Jocelyn Lood. Our client had been made to wait circa 13 years and it is believed the courts did not honor the agreements below. (Made by their own government officials). What is fact, is they have not even allowed our client the chance to talk about these paperwork’s.

Please feel free to  pass this on and save somebody else from having their life ripped apart. Some Filipinos are super people, you just have to be very very careful. The corruption is huge.
The following are copies of legal documents. That the plaintiff was not allowed to talk about. We show you these documents so that you can realize the lawlessness that that does exist in some places in the Philippines and indeed other countries. Make your own conclusions.  13 years our client in this case was made to wait! (fact = the longer = more money) In 13 years, he was not allowed to speak on things that mattered.        We wonder if this was an unofficial gagging order to hide the truth? However, because of  maybe racism and general corruption, the law system appears not usually (if ever) in favor of foreigners. Either get a lawyer from USA ? UK etc or consider the case lost before losing anymore money.
Not wishing to lose his house, life savings etc the plaintiff made it quite clear that he wanted security of this before it was spent on anything. Its known as a prenuptial agreement. Although it took some time for the actual signing of the paperwork’s due to travel. In this marriage there was in fact never a sexual side.
He therefore entered into an agreement with a Mrs Almira Sarmiento Absin/Johnson. The agreement consisted of several legal documents assuring that any land purchased could only be sold by our clients instruction  and the full proceeds would be returned to him to do as he so wished. We believe this means, by law Mrs Almira Absin/Johnson has no authority to sell any of these lands. The agreement was on the money required and not the lands! The lands would never have been purchased without the money and without this security.
These documents were signed by legally appointed lawyers, and also produced and signed by the Philippine Embassy in Korea. The Foreigner was assured by all concerned that this was a good way to secure some of his life savings so he would be secure in his retirement.
agreement bonbonbeach1
Almira's lawful agreement PhilAm

Have a look at the payment dates below. Note they are not paid during 2001 and 2002. They all match money transferal from UK. And notice the name is not true. (date*** 2004) was this a plan to grab what she could)

On top of this we note from our clients passport that Almira Sarmiento Absin / Johnson arrived in Australia, Melbourne on 25 May 2002 to take a CELTA course, which, like everything else her loving husband paid for. She was not earning money in Korea as stated in the judges judgement. (Fact)

Almira Absin perjury proof May 2002
Almira Absin Lie

The above information’s are factual. They, together with many other documents are held by the courts in Cagayan. Our main aims are to.

1. Produce factual evidence of things that realistically happen in the Philippines for the benefit of helping others and giving as much as possible full knowledge before they could possibly put themselves in the same risk area. We strongly advise Local embassies to support their respective people by publishing (what we believe are atrocities) as a warning for others. Though it is for each person to reach their own conclusions from the facts supplied.

2. If any person or persons feel persecuted by these documents then we would encourage them to contact the respective plaintiffs solicitors and do the correct thing by law. In the death of Donald Stevens (more to follow at a later date) the American and two lawyers that caused his death can contact us for further details of family and loved ones affected. In the Cargo Factor case we would suggest the individual area police departments look at these cases which we believe are affecting their, and the law courts reputation.

3. To warn unsuspecting women who may jeopardize there lives by ‘giving in’ to people who have no intention of getting married. The shear amount of unmarried mothers in the Philippines is beyond comprehension. (Fact) In the main these mostly young women love and care for their children the best they can in a world of stigma. Its extremely difficult for them and they are in the main, young, wonderful, law-abiding people with pure hearts and praying that somebody will give them work, without the demand of sex in return.

4. To get the law societies to question there organizational methods of assuring justice, stamping out racism and personal feelings, or not reading all the facts available that obscure true justice. Only this attitude can lead to improvements.

5. As stated in W1 >  These cases Marked W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7, W8, W9 and W10, are served for the benefit of Law students / studies. Advice’s and warnings of foreigners moving to, or holidaying in the Philippines.  Specifically on marriage to Filipinos and dangers thereof. They are to be judged by you, the reader.

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