Who done it and why? The only suspect! W6

Uni Absin

Court case number was… 2009 – 199      Land cases. Person in default:- Hesiquinto Absin in Bonbon.   Judge was ….Michelia O. Capadocia. Defendant never turned up. This case included deception and forgery.  Court was…Civil Case.

For the benefit of all law enforcement branches and studies.:  Please use google translator ‘top right’…

There will never be a decline in crime in the Philippines, until somebody starts to implement justice.

If there is no justice prisons will be overloaded and crowded. The bill for looking after prisoners will be higher and street crime will get worse. (Which is already happening. Look at the money being lost.)

The Law society is like any other business. If the company is bad, its a bad CEO. If the traffic accident rate is high its the police commander. If the crime rate is high, you don’t say “don’t put so many in jail.”  If the law is bad its a guilty supreme council. We will come out in the next few weeks with some things some countries don’t do and should!

Lets have a look at some Filipino misguided law decisions.

Lets study another case.

The victim, a Donald Stevens, British by birth. Law abiding citizen,  retired to the Philippines . Wife deceased. Donald was owed from the person he lent it to. A lot of money so he employed 2 lawyers to make arrangements to get the money back.

Killed because of crooked lawyers

Problem? Both lawyers, as soon as they realized Donald was British raised their prices to an extremely high price and basically robbed him. They never brought anybody to justice, although all evidence was given. They took the money, the easy way out and left Donald without money and he died. Police follow up actions on death?= Zero

Scales of Justice

Another case. Attempted murder.

British subject again. Professionally retired method of instruction leader. Taught in many mainline/lead universities and training establishments, hosted many UN/VIP training presentations, used to giving presentations with audiences up to 4000!!! to worldwide VIP, police, special agency’s and more. Not a fool…….OR? 

He knew better than most never to set patterns. But working with a small professional team in building a prestigious private school he had no option but to travel the same road, within a limited time frame everyday.  Why? Because it was the only road.

Sometimes he used his car, sometimes he used his bike. A big bike. His car had blackened windows so you couldn’t see him, and his bike had a blackened visor on his helmet.

Riding down a zigzag road towards a bridge that would take him across the Cagayan river he noticed a white 4×4, new vehicle parked on the near side of the bridge. Why? he thought…. nothing there…. no fish in the river, nowhere to stop for a pee and nobody in sight…. Something is wrong he thought.

As he neared the bridge he moved to the other side of the road. (Very little traffic on this road) Having had to deal with many culvert, bridge, car bombs, IEDs etc his brain reacted to keeping away  from the vehicle, in case it was dangerous. How right he was. As he approached to pass the vehicle, it started to move on the hard shoulder. The nearer he got to it, the faster it accelerated. Using the down-slope of the hill, together with the bikes power he accelerated and shot past the 4×4. As he flew past the 4×4, it accelerated lifting up the front of the vehicle as it powerfully jumped forward. But it missed. The driver was too late and the bike was gone.

Our client wasn’t stupid, turning around two sharp bends he rode directly into the front of a sari sari store, stopped and waited. As the 4×4 raced past “Click” he took a picture.

Following meetings with the police commander at Macasandig police station and LTO intelligence offices the story unfolded. The owner of the new vehicle was an ex mayor of the city / municipality of Bukidnon. He was known to be dangerous, known to have an armed gang and known to be on the police intelligence ‘watch list’.  The police would not pursue the issue because there was no evidence of who the driver was……..? Do  you believe this? Surely they would follow up and question?

So what happened?

Was it racism?                                                   We don’t think so.

Was it jealousy?                                                We don’t think so.

Was it hate against the private school?        We don’t think so

Was it a Uni Absin involved in the Almira Absin/Johnson case?   He was a part to buying lands for our client and his wife . He was given the money to buy the lands and then transfer it into his daughter’s name (the wife) and therefore under the land purchase agreement set up by the Philippine Embassy in SEOUL.     DID HE DO THIS?   NO! he simply said “This is a blessing” and kept the land. This does give a motive!

Was it him? He lived very near to the mayor in WAO in Lanao del Sur. He knew there were other lands involved (if he killed our client these would automatically become his daughter’s, Almira Absin/Johnson’s property).  He lived in an  area where killings, be-headings and unlawful activity was common and his daughter had already threatened our client that he would kill him because he wouldn’t give her anymore money. (This was after the divorce).

Uni Absin death threat

More so he had committed a crime and mistrust. He wouldn’t sign over the lands. He wanted to keep them for himself. “This is a blessing he said? a further confirmation they were all robbing the foreigner”.

Were the Police paid off to stop inquiries? 

          The conclusion, or beliefs are for you to decide. There is a P500,000 reward for this information…..    One of the critical points is…. our client took a photo. The evidence 0f direct involvement was given, and the lies that Uni Absin made together with the threat from his daughter that he would kill our client does make him a prime suspect. There are evidences on land involvement and lies available.

Unie Absin
Unie Absin

WHO LOST?   Yes! The Philippine police,  and the the Law courts. This was good information. The result is a ‘shoot yourselves in your own foot scene again.’  There is a police report in Macasandig police station, and the LTO intelligence office. We bet you cant get it!!

Uni Absin

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