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Friendly advice to brother travelers. This has to be read to be believed….

Court case number was…C8-NOV-680. Metro Manila Port company cases. The company in violation was:-  Cargo Factors. Started as: Judge is, HON. Cesar A. Merlas (case was won about August September 2010. No re-payment. No further action by court. Its still an open case but it is considered finished. Why? Maybe because the plaintiff is a foreigner? Court was…. Criminal case.                                                                        Result = nothing.

We have all had it! Well! Nearly all. (he said) This is not just about the case of Rene Man Loco. This is just another of the thousands of fraudulent cases against, you guessed it! FOREIGNERS….. Funny? It’s true. Watch the video!!!!!!

Is this another nail in the attitude of Filipinos/law-courts in the Philippines.

Who suffers? The wonderful Filipinos who are conditioned to be quiet, not speak out for their rights, just to shut up, sit in the corner, say nothing and be Kawawa! (humble)

The Judge Abbu Florencia Sealana. defendants lawyer Atty to follow  and Plaintiffs lawyer Atty Jocelyn Lood.

Stopped on a back road leading to the Airport in Dapitan!  2 police stood guard while one addressed me and asked to see my documents.– My license,— my insurance,— my bike registration,— My license up date certificate,—    and looking upset because they were all in order the police officer started an inspection of my bike. Tyres, — lights, — I was wearing a helmet, — and then would you believe back to the bike registration. Ahhh! he said. Its the wrong color!  ?? Its never been painted, its still new? Ahh! but its silver white not white… I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EARS.  That’s right, they are not bothered about the right or wrong, they are just after money. Why foreigners? Because foreigners have money, and usually Filipinos don’t. Least-ways they will get small cash from locals but into the thousands from foreigners.  Just another case against foreigner? NO!!! its not against foreigners. ITS AGAINST THE POLICE and THE LAW. Why? Because it’s all the police force and law-courts who carry the burden of corruption. They are the ones that others laugh at. Let’s see the Rene man Loco Case….

Rene Man Loco. CEO of CARGO FACTORS!! Situated in the Port Area of Manila. 

Client. Mr X moving his home from UK to Cagayan de Oro. A well to do British Guy with a wonderful Filipino wife.

The guy has the money to pay for a room to room delivery service. That’s a six star service where everything from packing, to loading everything is paid for in one lump sum of money. Of course you pay for that service in this case over P200,000.

The case went through the law-courts, 12 years before issue of arrest / payment warrant issued.

1. Sheriff in Filipino law has to go to area location of defendant! We can’t imagine why a court order cant be actioned by the local sheriff. It takes two? Anyway…..

2. Sheriff requests P60,000 pesos payment up front. (This is more than twice what some foreigners get for their pension and more than many local people could ever dream of. AND! Sheriff has planning time. (understood) However,,,,,,

MEANWHILE defendant’s lawyer tells defendant he lost the case and must pay the fee plus court costs etc etc. SO— defendant places his house, car etc in his son’s name and declares poverty. 

3. Client sends his wife to deal with the case to save language challenges etc. (Airfare, hotel costs, transport, food etc). This is expensive and cannot be paid for by the majority of Filipinos. ie: Filipino law isn’t affordable…

4. Clients wife has to arrange surveillance on owner Rene Man Loco to ascertain car registration number etc etc. Then she has to  carry out local searches. Police give authority, but pass the work on to our clients wife. (We smell a rat)

5. Police go to demand that monies be paid, result, defendant says he can’t pay. Result Nothing…

6. Clients wife wants to know what’s going to happen. Police say they can’t do anything case has to go back to the courts.

NO WONDER CRIME RATE SO HIGH IN THE PHILIPPINES…  IF YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG, CHANCES ARE YOU WON’T PAY. (Unless your a foreigner) If your right as a foreigner we believe your still going to lose.

So once again who looks stupid? That’s right, you got it. The police and the law. The law because it doesn’t have the power (or wish) to get justice. And! The police who are given a warrant they say they cant carry out??


Its so hard when a country can’t help itself. Its even harder when you try, and want to love a country so much.

Are you a foreigner with a tale to tell? Tell us below. Any case must be submitted with proofs before we can ever use it.

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