Land Agreement Almira Absin/Johnson – Lies & More Lies W3


This should serve as a “Stop and Think” exercise. There are some marriages, and even more ‘common law marriages’ that work very well.  Much more to follow. Rex Absin next. The specialist at Intel who has not paid his debts. (Proven facts)

The Judge Abbu Florencia Sealana. defendants lawyer Atty Jay Frances Bago  and Plaintiffs lawyer Atty Jocelyn Lood.

Check the dates below


Is this a typical marriage designed on obtaining wealth.      1. Research for best candidate 2. Tell him you love him and will look after him  3. Grab what you can, while you can  4. Steal and leave 5. Find the next candidate.

Almira Filipino ladies

We gathered the following knowledge and much more:

Our client said: “This was a guy we’ll call ‘Steve’. This was in August 1999 when she was telling me she loved me and wanted to marry me.” He said. We read it. This guy was having sex with her in a hotel shower, (written statements available) while she’s telling our client she wants to marry him, and yet when married she tells our client she has a medical challenge and cant have sex.  Are we right to believe she never wanted the plaintiff she just wanted his money?

Don’t get caught out people. It can totally ruin your life.

Date 2002 Just into 2nd year of marriage. We’ll call him Fred.  Almira still on looking for another target. (Letters available)

Of interest our client was never a member of a dating club. She found him by chance on Yahoo when he was teaching video conferencing in a classroom).

There are of course  more guys. (letters available)


Under Filipino law she is still married to our client. (fact at time written) We were given the document below which we researched for truth. (It is a marriage search) Judge for yourselves. It would not be right for us to make comment, other than it looks like she has two husbands! Conjugal property she kept screaming? Now there is a question! Our client was made to give up everything he had. Should she be made to give up what she has? Interesting….. good research material.

absin johnson
Would you believe, the defendant even left a ‘Filipino Ladies’ chat on his office PC for his student assistants to see. It stated she was leaving to have sex three times a day. (We didn’t  put it here to protect third parties)   Please feel free to  pass this on…. Save somebody else from having their life ripped apart! Because of  racism and general corruption, and lack of research the law system seems to be “not usually (if ever) in favor of foreigners”. Either get a lawyer from USA ? UK etc or consider the case lost before losing anymore money.
  Make your own conclusions. 13 years he had waited for the courts decision. A guy that liked to do things the right way and waited and waited! (the longer = more money)  In 13 years, he wasn’t allowed to speak on things that mattered.
Speaking to the Plaintiff at the time he simply said:
“I love the Philippines. I hate it when they shoot themselves in the foot. They are taught not to say bad things, but they don’t realize that if you don’t shout out for right at times, nothing will change.” “Me? I just want back what was taken. I want the lands signed over ASAP so I can access my money and complete this autonomous science farm for the kids, I want the brother in law to repay his loan as promised, I want discussions on the stolen pension monies she spent and a sensible cost/damage re-reimbursement. I’m not asking for anything that isn’t/wasn’t mine”. “They have contact with my solicitor”. They should do the right thing and put it  to bed.

As I was leaving, I asked. Aren’t you frightened?

“Of course? But am I expected to die saying nothing?  I believe in the Philippine people. Its the Absin family who need to re-think”.      Why? I asked……    “There is nothing wrong with Filipinos, they are lovely people. They don’t like what these people are doing. They hate the reputation they give to others. These are some of many people bringing the Philippine people and nation into disrepute/humiliation, and that hurts me”.

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