Land Agreement Almira Absin/Johnson – Philippine Embassy Korea. Document W2


Is the evidence overwhelming?  We put this case particularly to travelers & law students for debate. The Judge Abbu Florencia Sealana. The defendants lawyer Atty Jay Frances Bago  and the plaintiffs lawyer Atty Jocelyn Lood. We do not include second, or third parties and stay true to facts for research. 

Is it safe in Philippines

Any other information required can be obtained from Cagayan de Oro law courts. Tomorrow we will give facts on the Rene man Loco case. Cargo Factors. A case won in the law-courts? Don’t get excited, its a foreigner making the case and the whole system seems to be against foreigners winning. Read it tomorrow.

Is it safe for foreigners in the Philippines? A beautiful country, but there are some problems. Be aware. You cannot own land in the Philippines, and of course this sows the seeds of a  very good business for many of the women. The Almira Sarmiento Absin/Johnson case is a particular interesting case for you to reach your own conclusions.

These documents proved (they did prove)  a woman was lying under oath. This person was actually leaving the plaintiff stranded in Korea without anything. She was wanted by the police and was going to be charged with bank offenses. (These are facts)

The Judge Abbu Florencia Sealana, defendants lawyer Atty Jay Frances Bago  and Plaintiffs lawyer Atty Jocelyn Lood.

Have a look at the payment dates below. Note they are not paid during 2001 and 2003. They all match money transferal from UK. And see how the name is not true. (date*** 2004) (Was this all planned to grab what she could?)​

Almira Sarmiento Absin

Above is a copy of the official divorce papers. Check the date. NOW LOOK AT THIS”:-

Filipino Crime

Notice the date! Its after the date of divorce. Notice the credit card. (Its Almira’s when she was married). Notice the bank balance at the end = 0 ….(many more sheets to this)

This is one of many transactions that show interesting facts for you the reader.

1. She stole the credit card. ( That means that she duplicated an apartment key, broke into his apartment and stole).

2. It shows she emptied the account.

3. It shows she stole from an account that was not hers anymore. (She was divorced)

4. It shows she left her x husband in Korea without anything. She had stolen all his money and was about to leave for America to join her new boyfriend. (Did he know he was dating a married woman?)

5) It shows that the Korean police wanted to charge her with bank fraud. (They were going to put her in prison, but being compassionate our client stopped it.) This is a very, very serious criminal offense.

And in court she blatantly lied under oath. (Proven facts)

Almira's Withdrawals

“I love the Philippines, But The Philippines can do without people like these that don’t set a good example of the country. Its not fair that they give a bad reputation of the country, when the country is good.” He said.

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  1. Such an evil person. She definitely does not represent the values and culture of the Philippines. This woman worships money and nothing else. As if she could bring all the material things to her grave when she expires. I hope bad luck and karma will hit her hard. Shame to this woman!!!

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