Climate change protesters around the world (Special report on Thursday)

Global Warning

Thousands of people have been protesting against climate change across the world, including big protests in central London.

The protests took place in 80 cities, in more than 33 countries.

Extinction Rebellion, the group responsible for the protests, has blocked roads and even spray-painted messages on the head quarters of oil and gas company Shell in London

The group says it plans to continue throughout the week and wants to “bring London to a standstill” until the government takes ‘urgent action to tackle climate change’.


Activists held a climate change demonstration in front of the Reichstag, the main government building in the capital.

Their aim is to combat climate change by disrupting people’s daily lives, including attempting to stop city traffic.


Buckets of fake blood were poured on the street right next to government offices. The protestors say that every second that is wasted by politicians is more blood on the government’s hands.

Who are Extinction Rebellion?

The group was launched last year and since then its members have forced bridges and roads to close, and even poured buckets of fake blood outside Downing Street.

The group has three demands: for the government to “tell the truth about climate change”, reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025, and create a citizens’ assembly to oversee progress.

As part of Extinction Rebellion’s protests the group has been trying to get arrested as much as possible because they think it will help with their demands. Some people say, however, that the group causes unnecessary disruption and wastes police time when forces are already overstretched.

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