Is New Zealand Safe for Foreigners?

is it safe?

Crime-related statistics are publicly available from the New Zealand Police’s website, which is updated monthly. Police also regularly release media statements and other information to inform the public about crime. One such example is a general snapshot of crime during the preceding year, compared with the year before ).

For the 12 months ending 31 December 2018, New Zealand Police recorded 260,354 total victimisations, a decrease of 2.7% from the previous 12 months. Theft victimisations reduced by 0.8% compared with the previous 12 months. Burglary victimization decreased by 6.8%, and assault victimization decreased by 2%. Note that victimization under-counts the true number of offenses, as it does not count crimes where there is no identifiable victim (e.g. drug and public order offenses

Despite the recent bomb attack in Christchurch, which has been an isolated case New Zealand is considered to be among the safer countries globally. Domestic violence, petty crime and a small percentage of violence makes it one of the safer places to travel to. Its also a beautiful truly multi-cultural country.

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