Is it Safe in the Philippines?


A brief recent history.

  • A British national and a dual Filipino-British national were kidnapped on 4 October 2019 from a resort in Zamboanga, Western Mindanao.
  • Incidents in July 2019 resulted in at least 15 deaths in Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental. Previous clashes have resulted in bystanders being injured.
  • On 28 June 2019, a dual suicide attack on a military base in Indanan in Sulu Province killed three civilians and three military personnel as well as the two attackers, with a further 22 people injured.
  • Some hostages, including foreign nationals, have been murdered. A Dutch national was killed on 31 May 2019 after being held for 7 years.
  • On 27 January 2019, 27 people were killed and many more injured as a result of bomb attacks at a Roman Catholic cathedral on Jolo Island in Sulu Province.
  • On 31 December 2018 an IED exploded at the entrance to the South Seas shopping mall in Cotabato City killing two people and injuring many more.
  • During the period 2005-2019 a British subject undertook 5 court cases against various people and business. All cases showed a dislike of foreigners and a determination that foreigner’s would not win any cases against Filipinos. Credence of law lying was extended to the supreme court when the Vice President preferred to use foreign lawyers instead of Filipinos.

If your thinking of traveling to the Philippines, or getting involved, You need to know about this, which is just one of many similar stories. Married 6 years and not even a cuddle? Another scandal of chasing foreigners for their money. We look at some of the many cases.    

Updates/proofs at the bottom. Mga update / proofs sa ibaba. Nai-update araw-araw.

Don’t miss out next week on our exclusive report on a foreigner trapped by the Philippine law system. 2/3 attempts  to take him hostage. One nearly fatal attempt to take his life.   A 5-6 years marriage designed purely to steal his wealth. As soon as he retired he was deserted and left on the streets in Korea stripped of all money, his house, everything until the Korean police took action. The culprit, a Mrs Almira Sarmiento Johnson/Absin (Two husbands)? had no shame in targeting married foreigners purely for monitory gain. Specifically searching for married foreigners, with property.  (Working hard to find another as soon as she had gained his property and monies, she left him for another target). Her court-case is now in its thirteenth year. This is not new to the Philippines and Philippine law doesn’t appear to want to give justice to foreigners.

A full report on an ongoing 13 year court-case and other similar cases follows. Talking to the plaintiff he stated “I just think its a shame that Filipino women can get away with this kind of robbery”. “I had a house that valued and sold at £280,000 (about P25mil) I was working hard and earning very good money”. “She took it all”. “Her brother Rex robbed from me and the father wasn’t much better, It seems that Filipinos find it very easy to tell lies”.

How many Filipino Ladies make there money from foreigners in the philippi

This report is based on the Philippines as a whole and not just Manila or popular cities & resorts.

The Philippines is a beautiful country, with some wonderful people. However, it’s not all good. You really have to understand the inner workings of many cultural mindsets. You have to understand what poverty can do to people.

You have to understand the inner mind on Religion and Tribalism.   

The Philippines is made up of some super, normal people. Educated, non-educated. Rich, poor. Racist, non-racist. Family, Tribal, and a whole stream of what you find pretty much everywhere else.

What are their opinions of foreigners?

Some like, some don’t. Some have feelings based on the country of origin.

Some like the idea of a fine wealthy partner and some just want to learn English.

Some (in fact many) just want the money.

Here is the story of a Don Stevens. A man who sold his house and retired to the Philippines as a rich man. (About P20,000,000.00 in the bank to spend, and of course a monthly pension).

Don lived well. A happy guy with many acquaintances. He fell for a super fun type lady (Joy) who had business’s in Cebu but lived with Don in Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao Philippines. They lived in a nice rented area with swimming pool, gardens and Joy’s family and friends visited often.  (video hi-jacked)

Don chatted often with several American migrants and had a few American friends who he considered close. Don wasn’t young. He was an ‘older than his age’ guy (c76) He was kind, weak and fragile, a heart of gold fun guy with regretfully, the simple, friendly attitude that could be led easily.

Yes! Don lent a lot of his money to one of the American ‘Friends’! But this wasn’t the problem. The problem was two crooked lawyers from Cagayan de Oro city who he employed to get his money back. They took him for every peso he had left, and forced the sale of his car before ditching him. The Philippines is not safe. Apart from its terrorist problem It’s a lawless country. Don died in poverty some months after.
This story is not unique. The statement of crooked lawyers is also rife. Crooked lawyers exists in Higher office as well as local lawyers. One thing is certain. There is also a separate ‘unwritten’ law for foreigners. The hidden racism is rife and its riddled like maggots in all corners. Even their president R. Duterte hides little in his attitude to America and Europe. (Who are supposed to be his closest allies).
Why is it then, that although falling in popularity, Philippines remains a place to visit and maybe stay? Some of the answers are as follows:
1. Its cheap.
2. There are many available young ladies that prefer a richer partner rather than the ‘laid back’ attitude of some male Filipinos.
3. Some male Filipinos are frightened of getting married. Religion has made it a ‘once in a lifetime event’ and as a result there are many separated families/few annulled. There are many upset males who lose everything when the relationship goes sour, and this is one of the reasons that the Philippines has so many available one parent ladies.

4. There are many beautiful places to visit.

5. The weather is superb for those that like the sun. (Though climate change is taking its toll with blistering dry season’s and disastrous flooding and landslides in the rainy season.

However there are many foreigners that just cant afford to leave/get out of the situation they are in. Their home countries in the main are too expensive and the possibility of buying another house is impossible. Yes! There are also those that are very happy.

Killed because of crooked lawyers
Uni Absin

Rex Absin. Borrowed money and left his foreign brother in law to rot when it was time to re-pay. Separate report to follow.

Don Stevens. British. Swindled by crooked Philippine Lawyers. Dead.

Liar and theft. Possibly dangerous. More to follow.

Probably one of the best documented cases submitted. we are amazed at so much proofs. However the Plaintiffs lawyer refuses to address the details and the Courts refuse to look at, or let the plaintiff speak about them. No law for foreigners.

Just 2 years into the marriage and searching for new foreign victims. Evidence is overwhelming and many now seeing what some pino’s are like. 
Its disgusting, and this guy is building a farm out of his pension for survival of Filipino kids in the poorest and most dangerous areas of the Philippines!!!!


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