YOU! Need to Know How Your Government is Looking After Your Country

Its not immigration It's Invasion

Read this introduction. SORRY! There is a lot here. BUT! You need to read it. Maybe even with your family because it is very very important that you know.  It is more than likely this site will be taken down, because they dont want you to know. It’s too shameful for them because they get paid huge money, and DON’T do the job as it should be done. You can check the facts at anytime, we refuse to exaggerate or tell lies.

For all of the crazy money you, the people, pay to your politicians, what are you getting? We will tell you.

  1. They are more interested in the extra cash they can claim each week on transport costs, overtime, ‘out of pocket’ expenses like>>(Members of Parliament earn over £77,000 and have their Westminster meals subsidised.) >> The list goes on and YOU are paying. (Don’t tell me it’s not true, I have sat at the table many, many times and heard it.)
  2. Come Friday work closes and it’s holiday time. (Many excused from Covid bans) Absolutely no interest in your country until Monday. AND! On Monday (or their due date) they attend what they have to attend, raise a hand, maybe once in a while offer a suggestion and look at their watches for time to go home.
  3. The INVASION? Out comes the book which they read and come up with answers. NO THOUGHT GIVEN TO CHANGING THE BOOK BECAUSE THE SITUATION CHANGES. THAT!!! is too much work.
  4. YES! there are the few that work well, but it is a few. Let’s look at UK for a start.
  5. Nigel Farage? The guy works. He puts in effort. He cares. It doesn’t matter like Trump, whether you like him or not. HE WORKS! Whatever time of day or night, he is there to show he isn’t speaking rubbish. AND! When you can’t see him he’s catching up on whats happening to date. (His relaxation! A pint with friends) Lets have a look at what we refer to as his counterpart. Boris.
  6. Boris Johnson has and is doing a fantastic job. Let us not forget he is the guy that produced Brexit. (Let us also not forget that his voting figures, came in the main from Nigel’s Brexit team, who did not make a bid for the PM post.) Boris has however chased around sorting out Brexit deals, re-organising staff, having tea with the; NHS, Business, School, in fact a whole host of people and staff around the country that quite honestly are not all as important as some really pressing issues. LIKE IMMIGRATION

OK! We could go on. Lets look at the challenge that all this money that you spend to look after your country is being wasted and YOU are losing your country because of them.

The Threat! And it is a threat. It’s here, it’s fact and your kids are going to have to live tomorrow with what YOU! leave them.

Islam invasion
Muslim invasion
This is an invasion
Islam Invasion

The basic annual salary for a Member of Parliament is, as of April 1 this year 2020, £77,379. And MPs with special jobs, such as ministers, receive extra salaries – to the tune of £67,505 in 2017. That’s a cool £142,500 for Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid. many MPs stand to make a hell of a lot more money through their non-parliamentary work, like non-executive roles in private companies, consultancy and press appearances.


Islam Invasion
Islam Invasion
Islam Invasion
Islam Invasion
Islam Invasion
Islam Invasion
Islam Invasion
Islam Invasion


Still not impressed? Welcome to London. The home of Queen Elizabeth II. The longest reigning monarch in the world. The city that so many people wanted to visit is almost gone. Even the city mayor a Sadiq Khan (Muslim) wants to de-fund the police and let people/oppressors take-over. He has no thoughts that he is there through the goodness of British people. He believes he is British because he was born in Britain. He forgets his ancestral line. That is BAME and they will take-over from you and your kids. Your governments are destroying your countries. Everything you worked for is being taken away and it’s almost at the point of no return.


Slovakia Bans Mosques

We will be writing a report on European challenges and cures for the problem of Islam Shortly. Is it Racist? If not, what is it? The team will be answering these questions tomorrow.

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