The UK Vets. An Extremely Powerful and Trained Organisation that Should not be Undermined

The UK Vets

Not many people understand the size and power of  ‘The Vet’s’. Suffice to say it includes ex members of the combined UK forces and includes members of organisations like for instance The Army Reserve, Territorial Army, The Royal British Legion and the list goes on and on.  The Army Reserve provides a further 7 regiments, while the Regiments or Defence Forces of British Overseas Territories contribute a further 4 (as they are technically part of the Army). It is a close knit family which looks after it’s own, and in times of need, needs to be respected.

The resounding voice of just 1 vet speaking for many. The disgust at some members of the Police doesnt go without punishment and shame, These guy’s never faulted and it does no good to show weakness to the country they will die for. Many gave their lives. many gave the best years of their lives for UK and abusing it is not going down very well. Beware Ghettos, and bringing culture habits they will not abide.

Vets in London.

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