Mob Rule by ‘Nigel Farage’

Nigel Farage

Nigel puts it quite simple.

A shortlist of what appears to be ‘blurted statements’ from the likes of BLM / ANTIFA that gives the impression that they have no idea of what they are doing, what they are trying to achieve, what they stand for, or what they are even rebelling against. They try to ruin and destroy the very things they need themselves and can only be seen as a pack of dis-organised people with neither plan nor foresight.

Do Black lives Matter? Of course, but do the lives of these left driven hypocrites come into the same theme? Their Mothers and Fathers should be (some we know are) disgusted at what they have brought into this world, not even capable of raising any logical issues other than how radical, ridiculous and racist they actually are themselves. A result of bad upbringing shows a total lack in ability to place any form of reasonable argument or opinion which can only forge a path to show nothing less than delinquency.

This typical mentality of BLM ANTIFA shows not just a lack in basic education but a lack in respect, common sense, and total disregard for people in general. It appears that a percentage of modern youth have become loser’s in every sense of the word, driven by Leftist propaganda and cash to buy their lewd activity.  How sick and low can they sink. Trying to depict that coloured people are all scum. Not so….. Many are wonderful people.

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