What are you doing to save the spread of Covid 19?

How to stop covid 19

Covid-19 says “thank you to ignorance”.

It has a resistance to gunshots, explosions, curses, kickings and generally bad things.  However, it hates soap, alcohol, anti bacterial sprays, face masks, disposable gloves and space that it cannot jump through. Love your family and friends? Read…….

Prevent Covid 19
  1. Wash your hands often.
  2. Wear a mask if close to people.
  3. Avoid body contact.
  4. Wear rubber or disposable gloves if you’re going shopping, work etc.
  5. Lock-down your elderly until  it’s safe. (Make sure they get exercise. Legs etc)
Wear rubber or disposable gloves
  1. Keep your home free from wandering animals.
  2. Lock-down your pets.
  3. Make sure rooms get plenty of oxygen if you’re inside all the time. (Snake Plant)
  4. Wear rubber or disposable gloves if you’re going outside. (Putting out rubbish, collecting mail or deliveries).
  5. Use a humidifier if possible. Adding essential oils won’t stop Covid-19 but it will keep the air fresh and healthy.
  6. Keep in touch with loved ones by phone/text only. Visiting them is not a good idea.
  7. Be thoughtful, keep safe and keep others safe.
Climate Change Oxygen plants

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